Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fast Food Mom and Loving It!

Here's the truth people, I love fast food! Yep, I love it! I don't eat it every single day but I promise you that I eat it at least once a week and some times more. If the kids and I have been shopping or running errands all day, we have been known to grab some food while we are out. I remember when I was pregnant with Ava Beth, Josiah and I would be at Target doing some Christmas shopping and we would eat in the Target snack bar. They have the best personal pan pizza!! Yummy! Or even now while we are out and about, I will treat Josiah to chicken nuggets and a small sprite. Yes, I let my toddler have a fountain drink. My ten month old loves chicken nuggets too! Don't worry, I give her tiny pieces so she won't choke. Now, we are not a McDonald's kind of family, thank goodness because in 2006 they will begin putting nutritional information on food items. That's right, you will actually be able to see how many calories are in your quarter pounder with cheese. Uh, no thanks!! That takes the enjoyment right out of my fast food experience. So, we are a Wendy's kind of family. The Value menu is amazing for us because everything is ninety-nine cents! We love the chicken nuggets, side caesar salad, junior bacon cheesebuger, and the yummy, salty french fries! Are you starving yet? Well, Wendy's is our kind of quick meal. Am I teaching my kids to love fast food? I think I am. If we were customers of Wendy's every single day, then that would be a different story but fast food is wonderful and I think every kid should get to eat it! Oh and Mom too!

A while back I had a fellow Mom question me about what I allow my son to eat. Josiah and I were invited to her home for lunch but we were supposed to bring our own food. So, we did! I went straight through the drive through at Wendy's and got our delicious lunch. Other moms had packed PB &J, grapes, raisins, and juice boxes. My son had chicken nuggets and a small sprite (he doesn't like fries, how weird is that!). This other mom said, "You let him eat chicken nuggets and a fountain drink? Wow! I don't think I could do that with my kids. It's not healthy." Now those of you that truly KNOW me, KNOW that I was extremely tempted to answer with a sarcastic answer, BUT I didn't. I just wrote about it instead! HA! So, what did I say? "Yeah, I do. It's easy, he loves chicken nuggets and getting him his own drink is a special treat." The other Mom says, "That is just not a healthy lunch though, how do you make sure he is getting proper nutrition?" Then I say, "I don't. His weight is normal (better than your little bean sprout nerdy, kid eating his raisins and drinking his soy milk over there!) and his well checks at the Doctor are fine so I don't worry about that kind of stuff." I walked away that day so proud of myself, seriously! I was so proud of the Mom I am. I don't worry about a lot of stuff with my kids. I even let Josiah have drinks out of my Dr. Pepper sometimes and would you believe that I gave him a Pop Tart for breakfast yesterday?? Would that freak that other mom out or what?!

Oh, I gotta go now! I gave Josiah a Red Bull a little while ago and he won't get off the ceiling!! What is the deal with that kid?

(If you are a mom that gives your child soy milk, I am not trying to offend you. Just don't look down on moms like me that give my kids whole milk. I don't look down on you. We are all in this together.)


Anonymous said...

Hooray! Another mom who loves Wendys! They have the only chicken nuggets that I can feed to Nicolas. They aren't hard like McDonalds and they're yummy too. I give my kids whole milk and we too go through the drive through at least once a week. I had a friend who had a child who wouldn't eat anything but spaghettios and her pediatrician told her not to worry! So why should we?

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness! We are all about fast food at least once a week. Taylor recognized the Sonic sign by 18 months and was requesting "cherry my-maids" by 2.