Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy V-Day Jeremy

I don't usually use this blog for things like this but today I am making an exception. I usually gross out when people are ooey gooey with romance. I don't like being mushy, it's just not me. Maybe because it's just not me or maybe because I have never experienced it, I don't know. If you know me, you know I am not a hugger. When people come up to me at church and hug me, it's not something I am comfortable with. Someone once told me, "When I hug you, you don't hug me back. You just pat." It bugged me when it was brought to my attention but it's true. What's wrong with me? Who knows, who cares! But, right now I'm gonna be mushy! I know my husband will read this later so this is for HIM.

Soon you will be home to take me out on a date. It wasn't really planned because we didn't know what your work schedule would be like today. But the kids are at your moms and now we can go out all by ourselves! Today I just want to tell you Jeremy how much I love you. I know that when I feel like the world is against me, you are not. You always have my back. It was five years ago today that we had just met and you invited me to a singles Valentine party at your church (I was the new girl at the church). I thought you were just inviting me to be nice. I thought there was no way someone as HOT as you would go out with me! I just KNEW you would not like me! When I walked into that Valentine Party, my heart pounded as I searched the room for you. I was bold, I was brave. You were quiet, you were reserved. I was loud, I was obnoxious. But somehow we got to know each other that night. We all went country dancing at Cowboys later that night (we pass it on our way to church every week and I think of you). As soon as we started talking, I felt comfortable. I love to dance but I can't country dance worth a flip but I didn't care if you noticed. Hey, you can't country dance either! I felt safe. I felt like I could be totally real and your good looks no longer intimidated me. You were everything I needed and more.

We are so different, yet so much alike. Because of you, I love to fish! We have so much fun fishing on our boat and I love it that you get mad when I catch more fish than you. You hate to listen to the music loud while in the car, I crank it up. But you have learned to just go with it and sing to all of Kelly Clarkson's songs with me! You tell everyone about my cooking and you brag on me. I love that! So, let me brag on you! You are amazing! You can fix anything! You can build anything! You can work harder than anyone I have ever known. You are so talented and you have the biggest heart I have ever seen. What a servant you are! When I met you, you hadn't been saved very long and now you teach me more than anyone else. I love you for what you are helping me become. The kids adore you and every time they hear that garage door open, they run! "Daddy's home!"

You never had a Dad and didn't even know how to be one, yet you are the best father to our children. You amaze me with your love for them and how much they worship the ground you walk on. I never new stable ground until you came along. You have taken care of me. You have kept me. I am a kept woman. Thank you. Happy Valentines Day Babe! I love you. I leave you with the song played at our reception as we walked through the doors as husband as wife, our song.

I've been searching for you I heard a cry within my soul
I've never had a yearning quite like this before
Now that you are walking right through my door

All of my life Where have you been?
I wonder if I'll ever see you again
And if that day comesI know we could win I wonder if I'll ever see you again

A sacred gift of heaven
For better, worse, wherever
And I would never let somebody break you down Nor take your crown, never

All of my life Where have you been?
I wonder if I'll ever see you again
And if that day comesI know we could win
I wonder if I'll ever see you again

And everytime I've always known That you were there, upon your throne
A lonely queen without her kingI longed for you, my love forever

All of my life Where have you been?
I wonder if I'll ever see you again
And if that day comesI know we could win
I wonder if I'll ever see you

-Lenny Kravitz


Sonya Terrell said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I love how you love Jeremy and how you expressed it! I can't wait for my turn to write about my "Jeremy" some day.

I hope you both have a wonderful Valentines day full of love!

Laura said...

That was "SWEET". You two are such a beautiful couple and God has blessed you with such a good looking family! Great blog...I think it's important to show others your feelings for your true love. And I bet you've inspired other women! Hope you guys had a wonderful V-day!!

Karen said...

I love you too Jeremy! Remember what I told you at your wedding? "I hope you love me because she is a mini ME." Poor Jeremy!!!!!!

I remember the day I met Jeremy -- it was the same day YOU met Jeremy. We were driving back to Houston that day and I told James, "She's going to marry that guy." James with his many words said, "Think so?"

And she did!

I'm glad. Thanks for the great babies!

luv u

Erin said...

Amanda, that was awesome -- I have goosebumps! It's inspiring to see you feel that way about him! Loved it!