Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Rain boots

I knew the day was coming, I just didn't think it would come so soon. Today Josiah wanted to wear clothes that he picked out and the rain boots were a must. I really thought he would choose flip flops, he loves wearing flip flops so I have recently bought several pairs. But he thinks it's going to rain and it is in the forecast so he chose the rain boots. In fact, he insisted! If he were going anywhere except the backyard, I would step in and make a clothing and shoe choice for him but not today. I know the day will come when he chooses those boots on another day too, maybe church! Yikes! And then there are the tennis shoes with characters, I know he will ask for a pair someday. Please Lord, no Spider Man shoes, please!!! But, sooner or later I know I will have to give into at least one pair of character shoes.

My Heavenly Father has let me dress myself several times. I have chosen many things that were not in his plan. I have traveled many routes he did not want me to take and made many decisions that were wrong. My choices have been bad many, many times. But, he let me choose. He let me make the decision and I thought it was a good one. Just as Josiah thinks those rain boots are a must have in his attire, I have done the same in my spiritual life.

Daily I have to choose to let my Lord dress me. I have to let Him choose for me, decide for me and take me to the place that fits me best. Sometimes, he purposely lets me go out on my own in order to teach me just how much I truly need Him. It's just sometimes, it's a tough lesson to learn.

So before you put on those rain boots, check with HIM first.


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

Amanda, I love the picture. I also love your post. I always enjoy reading your blog.

Christy said...

Thanks for sharing with us today.. the picture was tops! It is pouring here so I could use some boots of my own!

Gwen said...

Great post!

My son currently sports some of those "spiderman shoes!" LOL!!!!!!