Sunday, July 23, 2006


The blogging world has really changed my life in many ways. A man that blogs would probably never say something like that but a woman that blogs would understand exactly what I mean. I need relationships, interaction, encouragement and wisdom poured into my life. Sometimes it's a recipe I find on someone's blog that I try out by making for my family. My husband loves it so I share it with my girlfriends! Now I have a new recipe! It may be a blog I read that pertains to children. I've taken a few ideas from other Moms when it comes to disciplining and put them into practice in my home with my kids. Or maybe I read another women's blog that has been brave enough to share her life struggles. Then I am able to minister to another woman with a word of encouragement and out of that may come a friendship. Then there are those of you that come to my blog and bless me with your precious words in the comment section. Everyday I feel so honored just to have someone reading. Blogging has put me in contact with some amazing women in this world. Some live in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas or Louisiana. While many others live in Michigan, California, Colorado, New York and even Australia, Canada and Brazil. It's neat knowing so many people all over the world. These women bless me!

Today I met someone brand new. She doesn't know me but I feel like I already know her. This was my first trip to her site. Many other bloggers are talking about her so I decided to go check out her site and read her story. This beautiful woman is one you can't forget. If you visit her site, your thoughts will be consumed with Amy. The Lord will speak to your heart in a way He probably never has when you read her posts. You will cry, you will smile, you will long to meet Amy when you read her blog. She will leave you speechless and make you feel like there are no words you possibly have to share. But, go ahead and share. She needs all of you amazing women to encourage her in the Lord. Next time you have a bad day, get in a mood, throw a fit or think your life is bad, you will think of Amy. She will give you the courage to face anything. She will tell you that no matter what comes, we still must praise our Lord.

I've decided to put Amy's name on my refrigerator so I can pray for her in the kitchen. I am going to put her name on my bathroom mirror, inside my car, inside my Bible and on my computer. I want to carry Amy with me wherever I go! As I read her blog today I kept hearing these words in my mind. God can do anything! He can heal Amy! Pray for total and complete healing! So that's what I'm going to do. I am going to pray for healing and I'm not going to stop!

Please join me.


Barb said...

Hello Amanda,

Missed you! Amy's story has been all over the blog world and I can't begin to imagine how many people are praying for her. I did a post this morning with her hospital address in it and asked everyone to send her a card. It's wonderful how this is traveling everywhere. We all are praying fervently for her. I can't imagine how she can bear being away from her baby so much when he's so little. You're right. Our problems are absolutely nothing compared to what she's going through and her testimony is an inspiration to us all.

Christy said...

I haven't read Amy's story yet but plan to once I post here. I bind together with you dear sisters in prayer for her, not even knowing her need as of yet AND I know prayer changes everything and God does miracles. We all have our story to tell and by telling it we can help others heal - God is still on the throne! Thank you for introducing me to Amy.

Diane said...

Amanda, I posted about Amy a few days ago, and now she is on our prayer list at my church, too. I've really been convicted to pray for her, and for Sarah's daughter, Addison.

I agree, with all the evil that Satan is using the internet for, I love that God is bringing so many Christian people, women mostly, together to lift up one another in prayer and support one another in our Christian walks. :-)

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

what a wonderful site, i visited it. my grandfather passed away with AML about 6 years ago, and my mother was diganosed with CML last year!