Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Something funny

Pregnancy has always brought strange dreams to my sleeping. Even my naps are filled with dreams that make me wonder where my mind comes up with these things. The only thing I can possibly figure out is my sub conscience stores some very random things then later produces some crazy, wacky, no sense making, hilarious dreams! I thought it would be fun to share them with you!

So my bestess friend Kelly Ann has been in my life since I was fourteen years old. This Sunday we are visiting her church. Both of us are praying it's a fit! We grew up in the same youth group so the thought of us being at the same church again is really exciting. Except now I don't think I will come to Bible Study mad at her because she has a boyfriend and I don't! And we won't be rolling our eyes at each other across the room because we are mad for some stupid reason! Anyway, with all the talk of visiting their church my mind has been racing. I have looked on their church website, read staff profiles and taken a virtual tour of the church. It's in my brain and some of the information I have retained I was completely unaware of until my dreams two nights ago. So here's my dream of Kelly's church and the church we will be visiting on Sunday. The Pastor's name is Ross. I do not know him, I don't remember what he looks like at all. But, I remember what the associate pastor looks like because he looks like a man I used to work with. The man I used to work with was named Ross. Okay, so this is where it gets confusing. So the associate Pastor's face was on a guy that had the name Ross that looked exactly like the Ross I used to work with many years ago. Confused? Well Ross called me and asked me to help Kelly Ann prepare Communion/The Lord's Supper for Sunday. But for some reason I am at home filling the tiny, little, plastic cups with grape juice. I poured grape juice into a huge bowl, placed a turkey baster inside and filled each tiny cup with the grape juice by using the turkey baster. (I have used a Turkey baster for communion cups before in real life, not just dream land.) All of the sudden the phone rings! It's Kelly! "Where are you? You are supposed to be at the church helping me fill communion cups?" At this point in my dream I realize I have a problem. "Kelly, I don't know what to do! I have already filled all of the cups! How will I get them to the church without spilling?" So I end up dumping all of the grape juice out so I can start over at the church. But when I get to the church and begin to pull up the tiny, clear, plastic cups, they have all grown to full size cups! And did I mention that during the entire dream I am trying to keep my eyes open because I can't wake up? You know those dreams where you can't move because you are sleepy? Well it was hard to drive to the church because I was so sleepy but I did make it! There you have it! There's my freaky dream! If we do end up going to this church and I am asked to help prepare communion, I think I will say NO!

Then there was last night's dream! I thought it couldn't get any crazier but it did! I am a singer and I love to perform. If truth be told, I would audition for American Idol if I wasn't too old. Plus I am a wife and a Mom and I know my calling in life is different now. Oh sometimes I do wish I was singing, walking the Red Carpet or filling in for Kelly Rippa but the Lord has bigger things planned for me! So with all of that constantly floating around in my head, I think this dream makes a little more sense but it's still very crazy! Here it goes. Well, it was a talent show. I don't know where or who was putting the show on, I just know I was in it and so was Katharine Mcphee. There must be some kind of envy deeply rooted in my heart because I DID NOT vote for her! I voted for Taylor and I am still happy about my decision! Anyway, the American Idol second place winner beat me! Yep, she won the talent show. In my dream I was told that there would be an accompanist there for all singers so we did not have to bring pre-recorded music. So I had planned to sing "Valentine" by Martina McBride. But when I showed up, there was no accompanist and I was told that I had to have a CD with the music to my song or sing acapella. Wouldn't you know that Katharine chick decided to sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and I lost! I did find a CD with my music and I did sing "Valentine" really good but she still won! However I decided to tell Katharine that it did not really matter that she won because I won the talent show in High School and in real life that is true! There you have it! That was my dream! I did watch Rock Star Supernova last night (I don't think it's very good) but I love reality TV and nothing else was on. I do think about music all the time and I never cared for Katharine so maybe that's where this all came from. She is an amazing singer so I think I'm just jealous! But still, can't she sing something besides that Rainbow song? Really! Get a new song!

Who knows what my afternoon nap or my sleep tonight will bring, I'm kind of scared to find out! This may have been a boring post to read, not very inspiring, encouraging or spiritual but I thought it was kind of funny! Maybe you will think so too! And sometimes a good laugh can get my morning going!


Barb said...

Funny, funny dreams. Do you have dreams like this when you're NOT pregnant? And all that eye rolling with your girlfriend so took me back to my teens. ;)

V. said...

I was going to email you that last week I dreamt you and I had coffee together.

Wierd how the brain works.

Maybe one day!

Karen said...

The other night I dreamed you were a little girl again and YOUR children were MY children. I have weird dreams and some I never tell anyone -- they are embarrassing. James says he doesn't dream very often and he always dreams in black and white. I dream in vivid colors. Go figure.

Keep dreaming -- some of them you need to write down because God may be speaking to you in your sleep.

luv u

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

i remember having odd dreams too....

keri said...

i would dream about old boyfriends when i was pregnant. scary! thanks for taking us into your dream world.

Robin said...

Hey there! I've been involved with Adventure Month and trying to get our AW ready for FC Downtown. This week has been nuts! I have about 5 posts in my head,but no time to type them out. Thanks for checking on me and I hope you are enjoying your new church!

Anonymous said...

You need to make the title of this post "My Cups runeth over" LOL!

Anonymous said...

You need to make the title of this post "My Cups runneth over" LOL!