Monday, September 18, 2006


I knew you would like this picture my sweet friend Kate!


Kate said...

UGHHHHH!!! It's salt to the wound my dear friend! But I'll pick up the pieces of my destroyed heart and look forward to November 5th. (If there's any hope left that is!) I'm just sad I could not write all over the back of my van window today as I did last year! ;-)
Onward and forward - GO SKINS!

HeiressChild said...

hi, i followed your link from kate's link. it's interesting to visit the different blogs and see what other people are doing. you and kate seem to be the football fans. i'm not a football fan, but if i were, i'd have to be loyal to my hometeam, the redskins. i love the rivalry between the two teams though. i turned on the tv last nite to catch the score during the last 4 mins. i was really hoping the skins could have made a quick comeback. don't know how crazy that thought was since i don't know football, but i figured anything is possible. anyway, enjoy the rest of the football season, and may the redskins do better in the future, especially when they meet your dallas team again. *lol*


Christy said...

Did you get your tickets for the thanksgiving game???

Munchkin Land said...

We posted our football pics yesterday. We are a HUGE football family, extended and beyond. Go Broncos!!