Friday, September 29, 2006

My home is in order!

Well it's finally the weekend but it's only going to get busier! Our usual Friday night date night is not happening because Grammy is busy. So instead we are registering for baby Ezekiel and taking the kids to dinner. And I hate taking them out to dinner right now! They can only handle sitting in one spot for so long! They are good kids and do pretty good eating out but all of you Moms know how NOT FUN it is to eat out with a three year old and one year old! Tomorrow is my cousin's baby shower and I will be up half the night finishing her gift (but it's fun!) and then Sunday is my best friend's little boy's two year birthday party. I have not stayed home one day this week. I am tired, the kids are tired and I need a massage, pedicure, and many more things. But that's not going to happen! I really need some time with Jeremy, just me and Jeremy. I'm sad we don't get our date night but a family night is good too.

This week I have been really busy but I have felt fulfilled in so many ways. Everything I have done this week has been pretty domestic you could say and that is what fulfills me the most. My time with the Lord this week has been early, early in the morning and He has reminded me that all of the things I am doing is exactly what he created me to do. This is exactly what I prayed for when I was single. It's exciting to realize you are in the middle of those answered prayers! I am not trying to be a super wife or super mom, I am just trying to be the heart of my home. The Lord has blessed me so much with women in my life that have taught me how to do that. It may be cooking supper, searching all over town for a bow to match Ava Beth's Halloween T-Shirt, making Fall decorations for my home, baking brownies for my new neighbor, planning a baby shower for a family member, making gifts, doing puzzles with Josiah, snuggling with Ava Beth or laughing with Jeremy over a funny show we watch, it's been fulfilling. I feel like my home is in order. Laundry is washed AND put away (Right Paula?), dishes are unloaded out of the dishwasher, beds are made, toilets are clean and again THE LAUNDRY IS PUT AWAY! There is no laundry on my couch!!! Hooray for me! :) Anyway, it's been fun. I may not have blogged hardly at all, but one thing is for sure, I got my priorities straight and it feels good!

Something I pray for a lot is creativity. Creativity in my marriage, my parenting, my homemaking. This week, God has truly blessed my efforts and I have had a great week. He has given me creativity this week and I needed it! My kids even acted great in Target (I won't tell you how many times we were there) and I didn't have to bribe, threaten or talk through my teeth! That's a victory! But there has been one very important factor that plays into the success of my week. I barely spent ANY time on the computer. In fact, I did not even miss it.

So it's time for the weekend, time to enjoy the family and time to EAT! I'm hungry! I hope you have a great weekend my friends! As always, I am praying for a special Word from the Lord so I can post some encouragement for us all.

Here's a few pics of the kids this week! The weather in Texas has been great! I wish it was cooler but we are getting there. Slowly but surely!


Wendy said...

Sounds like a good week! Great pictures of the kids, they are so cute! I haven't been on the computer much lately either. We've been enjoying the beautiful fall weather here. 60's-70's. Hope you have a great weekend at your parties.

dee said...

Great job Amanda!! Isn't it great to spend time with the Lord and have things run SO much smoother????? I too have had a very productive week and am feeling more at peace!! :)

Praise God!! Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see this present for baby Hayden...I am sure she will love it!!! Can't wait to see ya'll tomorrow and meet DESI


Sarah H. said...

I'm glad you had an awesome week!!!!! You inspire me a lot.

And Ava Beth's eyes!!! WOW
Josiah's stunning smile!!!

They're SO cute:)

Stacey said...

Amen sister!!! You hit it dead on when you said how good it feels to be in the midst of the answered prayers from when we were single! That is exactly the awareness I have been going through lately as well.

I was reading a few of your other posts as well and:
Ooooooh, we are SO kindred!

Bless you as your bless your family and your home with a loving, servants heart.

Minnie said...

You have just inspired me to get my butt up and go tackle the gigantic pile of growing laundry I have. My house is completely clean, except none of us have clean clothes. HA!

I am so glad you have been able to get so many things in order and spend time working on all of your "extras". There is no other feeling like the "AHHH! It's all done!" feeling.

And your kids could not get any cuter! It is still so weird to see pictures of them in the same spots doing the same things my kids used to do in that house. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :-D

Paula said...

Amanda, you funny little girl!!! Chris walked in and said, "Why are you smiling?" I showed him your statement. He laughed and looked at the floor. I am a l-i-t-t-l-e behind.
I am very proud of you. When the Lord blesses me with another little blessing, I am going to buy a beautiful wall hanging from you!! Hey do you send Rum Cakes?? You got the goods, I have the cash!!
Now, please rest a little. You are working your self in the ground.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

What a fabulous week! How blessed you are.
And what adorable kids you've got! :)

Kate said...

Oh Amanda, the kids look precious! I am so behind on laundry so I know you must be feeling so good about being ahead on housework.
I am telling you, I wanted to just give away all of the kids clothes yesterday when I looked at my laundry mountain. It's huge. I guess you know what I will be doing all day today...
And how about our teams yesterday?! We both won!

Christy said...

Ava Beth is beautiful... she looks so much like you especially in the pics you sent of the shower. Your outfit was too precious! Hope you had a great weekend & will get your date night (alone) this weekend!

Karen said...

There is nothing better than having your home in order. Nothing feels better than starting your day in a clean and organized house.

I believe that spiritually as well. When everything is in order and the way God wants it, my day is much better.

God is a God of order -- that is why we function better when we are in order.

I love the pics.

luv u