Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I only have a few minutes before I have to load these kids up again and go to my monthly check up at the OB. But I wanted to post something to let all of you know that I have something so exciting to share with you but you're going to have to wait! Hopefully this afternoon I will have some time to finally write on this blog. I have been doing so well in this pregnancy, nothing to complain about. While I still have nothing to complain about, I have finally hit a wall! I am tired, very tired. Josiah will be four about one week before the baby comes so his age is really perfect. He is self sufficient, well behaved and is such a smart and loving boy. When I am feeling tired from this pregnancy, he helps me do anything I need him to. Ava Beth is twenty-months old and she is wonderful. I can't imagine my life without a daughter. But let's just say that she is the child that is not as compliant as her older sibling. I can already tell that she is destined to be a leader because she is the most determined child I have ever seen. Over the weekend we switched her from a crib to a twin bed. BIG MISTAKE! We did this at 18 months with Josiah and he NEVER got out of his bed. When he was awake, he just hollered for me or Daddy. But Ava Beth is quite different! Currently I do not have the energy to explain all that has taken place over the last few days. I will tell you that she now has a twin bed with beautiful brand new bedding (THAT I SEARCHED EVERYWHERE FOR AND STILL DON'T LIKE!), but she is happily sleeping in her crib that Daddy put back in her room last night! The girl was not ready! I WAS NOT READY! Last night I was finally able to get almost eight hours of sleep before the little one in my belly starting kicking me and woke me up! That is a very pleasant thing to wake up to because soon this little baby will be in the world and 5am will not be as delightful as it is right now. I told my husband last night that he better not think about taking that crib out of her room again. We are not using her crib for Ezekiel because it's white (Jeremy thinks white is for girls only) and the white crib was bought for Ava Beth. So what's the rush in getting her out of her crib? UGH! But Daddy was excited about her sleeping in a big bed. Ha! Not anymore! Ava Beth sleeping all night long last night (like she always does) is PROOF that a big girl bed is totally overrated! She's no fool! The little girl knows what she wants and last night we gave it to her. Sissy gets two beds! Where does my little girl get her personality from? WHERE? :)

So sleep my little precious Angel, Ava Beth! Sleep! SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Minnie said...

YAY! I'm so glad you can get some sleep now!

I can't WAIT to hear your news!!!!! If you can't write about it today you had BETTER be calling me, girl! :o)

Michelle said...

Sleep?! HA! What's that?! No, really - my kids are so great about sleeping. I guess they get it from me. Shelby slept all night when she was 2 weeks, Brayden was right behind her & Mason took 6 weeks to sleep through the night. *I thought something was wrong when he didn't wake me up!* BUT - my kids aren't that close in age either. Mason is 23 months - I couldn't imagine having another one right now. I'll pray for some rest time for you.

Wendy said...

Ok, I'm on the edge of my seat. Let me know the news!

We did the same thing w/my son 18months and in a big bed, but it didn't work w/my daughter when we tried that earlier either.

Glad to hear you are getting a little sleep now. It's hard to figure out those things sometimes. Ava Beth is adorable!

Paula said...

Little Ava Beth is precious. You know what, children grow up WAY TOO FAST! She will leave the crib when she is ready. If you and the WHOLE family are resting, so be it. You are a GREAT MOMMA!!!

Anonymous said...

Reese is much the same way. She was in a big girl bed at 18 mos, but only because she kept crawling out of her crib. The good news is that you know Ava won't be a follower! I find much comfort in that concerning Reese as well.