Thursday, September 14, 2006


It's Fashion Week in New York City! This is when American Designers get the opportunity to unveil their newest designs for Spring 2007. Project Runway at it's best! Over the last few days I have spent some time checking out this so I can see what to expect hanging on the racks in Target, Forever 21, Gap and Old navy when Spring rolls around next year. You see this is something that really helps me get over the shock of what's to come! I knew last year that the "Skinny Pants" were coming back along with leggings, sweater dresses and big belts to wear at the waist. I have even seen stirrup pants, flats and many other things that I just can't bring myself to wear no matter how in style they are! I wore these things once when they were in style many years ago, I can't do it again! Stirrup pants bring back some horrible fashion memories and I will not subject myself to that again! So here's my new fashion motto. I will continue to love fashion, I will continue to create a fashionable look even for short trips to the grocery store and my romance with clothes will not cease. But I will not wear "Skinny Pants", leggings, flats, stirrup pants or sweater dresses no matter what! This Fall and Spring I will just have to find alternatives to these new trends while focusing on staying hip! It can be done! Ladies, if we give into this kind of fashion stupidity, we may be tempted to roll our jeans tight while stacking two different color socks and wearing Bass loafers with curly shoe strings that do not require tying! NO! This cannot happen!

Okay, all joking aside. As I have checked out the new trends this week in the New York Times and The Fashion Week webpage, I have thought a lot about the title of my Mom's blog. Fashion Statement. "I am a woman...designed and fashioned by Him." What a cool Mom I have! I sure wish I would have thought of that name for my blog! But thinking about her tag line made me realize how much I truly want to be a woman that is fashioned by Him. He's the designer so what is it that I am busy wearing that does not go well on the Red Carpet or the Runway?

I love being a trend setter! If someone copies my hair or my outfit, then obviously they liked it so much they had to have it. It's a great compliment! But what about the way I live my everyday life? Am I a trend setter? Do others look at my style and want to copy? Are there things about me that stand out so much that others desire the same look? When it comes to fashion, I like to see what the stars are wearing. I love to buy fashion magazines and read about the hot new trends. In my Christian life, I love to surround myself with Godly women that seem to have a look that is becoming. Their words are kind, humble and wise. Their countenance is joyful, their actions are loving and giving towards others. These women forgive easily and are not easily offended. They are authentic and not afraid to be real. You never hear them gossip or “discuss” someone else. These women make a Fashion statement daily!

Walking the Red Carpet isn’t always easy. A woman has to plan ahead. She must know what and who she wants to wear. Something a celebrity is always asked when walking the Red Carpet, “Who are you wearing?” It may be Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera or Michael Kors. Whoever the designer is, the celebrity has put a lot of thought into the choosing that person to design the dress. He or she trusts the fashion designer to create an amazing look that hopefully lands them on a “Best Dressed” list. As wives, mothers, daughters and friends, we walk our own Red Carpet. We have our very own Project Runway. Many times we think we are walking it without anyone knowing our struggles, our sin. But many times, our fashion fopa can be seen by everyone. The more we try to be perfect, the more obvious those fashion mistakes come out!

Imagine going to a party where you know everyone will be dressed to kill. When you walk in the door in your stunning dress, you see another woman across the room wearing a poodle skirt. At this point you think a couple of things. “Is it Halloween? Was I supposed to wear a costume?” But you look around and everyone else is wearing appropriate attire while Miss. Poodle Skirt sticks out like a soar thumb. Either she didn’t come to the right party or she doesn’t know what year it really is! How often do we put on poodle skirts? How often do we wear things that are out of style, out of season, too small, too short, too big and just plain ugly?

Last week I had a friend call asking me to come over and go through her closet. She wanted me to get rid of everything she shouldn’t wear or ever think about wearing. After we hung up the phone, I thought about how bad I need to that in my spiritual life. Often I need to ask the Holy Spirit to show me what’s in my closet that doesn’t belong. What’s there that is so last season? I don’t know about you but something’s I have outgrown such as fear. Jealousy and gossip are not becoming at all. And pride is the smelliest, boldest, brightest, fashion mistake anyone could wear! It’s just plain UGLY! Why not wear something a little more flattering? How about something a little softer? Or something a little more confident? Maybe something that shows love and humility? Instead of those outfits that show arrogance, selfishness and deceit. If we truly trust our designer, if He truly has total creative control, shouldn’t we wear Him proudly?

It’s Fashion Week in New York City. The celebrities are sitting on the front row as they check out the hot new trends for the Spring Season in 2007. What shoes, handbags, dresses, pants, tops and jewelry will be in? Before we know it, the new styles will be hanging on the racks at all our favorite stores. But what’s going to be the hot new style in our own life? Will we be trend setters or will someone need to call the fashion police! I don’t know about you but I want to be a trend-setter! I want to be a woman that initiates the trends! What fashion can I make popular among women? What if WE can be the ones to create a whole new Fashion Week? What if WE can be the ones to show the world what looks best on EVERY woman?!

Off to set new trends!



Wendy said...

Important things to think about...Thanks.

You won't find me in stretch pants, leg warmers, parachute pants, or wearing banana clips anytime soon! :-)

Sarah H. said...

ohh this was such a powerful post!! We should all strive to be trend setters.

Thanks Amanda! Miss you girl!!
Much love to you and your whole family.

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I do have to say that was a great parallel between fashion and God. But I also have to say I don't quite get to say I am "trendy". We just don't have the money to be trendy, so you just MIGHT find me in some of those fashion "no's" if that's what I'm given.

I am not lacking though in the spiritual, I agree it will be great to remember to think about what I'm "wearing" for God. No gossip, or ugliness..things like that!

Thanks for the reminder.

BooMama said...

The thought of what those pants - those black pants in the picture - would do to my thighs? OH MERCY I shudder to think about it.

But a great analogy in your post - definitely.

Paula said...

WOW! Amanda. Great way to talk about cleaning house in a spiritual way! I to hope people see Jesus in my "fashion". Like Kili, I can not afford name brand prices. But thankfully I can find a bargin anytime! For instance, this past weekend I bought a pair of Liz Claiborne jeans. Originally $60.00. With sale price and extra Labor Day savings, I got them for $20.00. I was so excited I just had to share.
Amanda, you are great! Like Wendy said, I wish we lived closer! We could talk and hang out while our child played and grew up together!!

Amanda said...

Okay Wendy and Paula, we have got to set up a conference call! :)

lizzyrita said...

Great out our "closets" in regards to our walks with God is exactly what we need to do daily...we, as women are fashioned by God, what a privilege and awesome truth that is. I was doing Bible time with the girls today and we read the Creation story, though they know it well, one thing stuck out to Gabby, she asked about Eve having a rib from Adam, she wondered if she did too...this was a great moment for me to think about how God so amazingly created us woman...WOW, be amazed!!
Anyways, I totally agree on the new fashions, YAH RIGHT!!! There is no way I'll wear them...I love my Gap, but no way will they get my business for buying stretch pants!! AHHH!!! :)

Wendy said...

I agree...that would be fun!

Karen said...

I can't wait to have a few minutes so I can read all of your blogs. I seem to have no time to myself lately. I will read and comment on everything later.

I love you.

Brenda said...

God has gifted you with writing, Girl! :) What a wonderful parallel between God and fashion.

And, UGH, some of those clothes I didn't even try the 1st time around.

Here's to making a statement for Him!

Anonymous said...

HOLLER! I love this blog! I was saying " Girl, Yes!" Throughout the whole thing. I just had this conversation about the old trends and not being able to wear them due to BAD memories! I'm with you.

Once again, you amaze me as a writer. Your creativity and relevance is outstanding. Thank you for sharing.

Munchkin Land said...

Amanda, some great analogies here! Thanks for sharing!

I was going to tell you about this great find I found on Ebay but then I remember you're in Texas and I'm here, and you probably wouldn't need a maternity coat down there, right?! Regardless, I just bought a plum-colored, maternity, pea coat from The Gap for $20, tags still on it! I am so excited about the find.

I'm off for a weekend retreat with the ladies for church, I'm anxious to find out what God has in store for me this time and how I can be a trendsetter for Him!

keri said...

ok, i need to take you shopping with me! i love clothes too, but have a hard time putting things together sometime. especially accessorizing! anyway, loved your analogy that you described...great stuff to think about as always!!

Christy said...

You'd never believe it but I have gotten more into fashion since being pregnant. They make some cute hip maternity clothes and I have ordered way too much! I physically just clean out all the closets in our home and thank the Lord I did some spiritual cleaning as well --- it is funny how I am really taking notes of things expecting. If I wouldn't want me baby to watch it I shouldn't, If I wouldn't want my baby to hear it I shouldn't... I have always tried to watch these things and I am far from perfect but with this baby coming I've really had some double checks! Great post!

Kate said...

Beautiful how you tied that analogy in together. I saw jeans at Target the other day with zippers at the bottom - yes zippers at the bottom as in Guess jeans back in the late 80's. If they ever come out with a shirt that says "Relax" on it again, then I am going to dig myself a hole. I also say pants in the latest J Crew catalog that has them folded the way we did back in 89 and 90. Eeeek!

V. said...

All I can say is "Ug"

Kellie said...

You are amazing. Thank you for this. I was just thinking about how people view me. Mostly because I am a fashion retard.

Sometimes I hit the nail square on the head and I feel like I am right up with the style, but I certanily did a better job when I was working. I just baught kewl suits. I don't need them anymore so I am having trouble finding stuff for everyday that can go shopping in and get spit up on in the same day.

Regardless, I have felt that way as well in my spiritual life. Although, I feel it is when GOD looks at me. How does HE see my outfit. If I could even call it that. Am I haphazord and living out of a rumpled laundry basket. Do I not put in the effort for HIM? Do I just through on a tee-shirt and jeans over my meals and bedtime? Or do I take the time to search out what is HIS style and carefully sit and prepare for each day.

Prayer closet. It is a new term that could start to be thrown around flippently. But isn't it perfect that you would go there to get ready for what HE has in store for you?

You are truely fashionable in body and spirit.

Side note: I need your help this week. My SIL is getting married Saturday. I have made a beautiful dress for my daughter, a little vest for my son, and I am finishing a skirt for me. We will all match. I just don't know what kind of shirt to where or shoes. I will be posting pics soon of the kids in their clothes maybe I will post a pic of the skirt and you could advise. Thanks.