Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm alive, promise!

Okay, blogging has been a rare thing for me lately. I feel so out of touch with the blogging world right now! Some are asking if I am okay and I assure you I am fine. But, I am tired and busy. Since my belly is for sure sticking out by now (5 1/2 months), people are beginning to say things to me like, "Wow. You are brave!" Or my favorite one is "You sure got your hands full!" At this stage I am LOVING those comments. The comments remind me that I am one heck of a super mom! Right? Please agree with me! When I am in Hobby Lobby and other women are offering to put my merchandise up on the counter to be rung up while I hold Ava Beth (she won't sit in the basket) and while Josiah says, "Mommy, I really would like you to but me that Thomas The Train puzzle back there!", I appreciate the onlookers because they HELP! It adds so much to the scene when my three year old says, "Mommy, I don't like you very much right now. I really wanted that puzzle today." Who knows, this may be the last time these people see me out in public again. God knows I won't be out with three children, especially not Hobby Lobby! But then again, I said that when Ava Beth was born.

So I have been away from my blogging for many reasons. Here is my list of reasons why! I know you are just dying to know where I have been and what I have been doing! Right? Well, if not, just lie and tell me you have!

1. I have my sweet cousin's baby shower this Saturday and I have been working hard on her gift! (she reads my blog so I want her to be very happy on Saturday when she knows how many trips to Hobby Lobby I have made, with the kids, pregnant, swollen feet, etc.! I love you Cara!)

2. I am having a baby shower at MY house for my sweet Desi (soon to be sister-in-law) in two weeks. I am making two cupcake cakes and decorating them to match the plates and napkins. More trips to Hobby Lobby! Thank God for the Wilton aisle! And anyone that knows me knows that if something is going to be at my house, I go all out. Almost to a fault! So I have been planning a menu of yummo food, games that will not be silly or dumb (I HATE SHOWER GAMES! My friends knows that and they still make me do them at my baby showers!), shower invites, decor, etc. But I am loving doing all of this! And it's a shower for a baby girl and those are the BEST to plan for! I think I am copying just about everything done at mine for Ava Beth. It was the bomb!

3. I have been decorating my house for Fall which means trips to Hobby Lobby (my favorite store! everything I bought was 50% off!), Garden Ridge ( I hate this store but I went anyway for their $1 box of Christmas ornaments! I need new gold and red ornaments and for $1.00, you can't beat it!) and Big Lots (my scarecrows in the yard did not make it from last year so Big Lots was the place to go!). OH HOW I LOVE FALL!!!!!

4. I have been gearing up for my Holiday Baking Business, Sugar & Spice-Creative Baking by Amanda. I am adding something this year to my menu so I have been baking a lot trying to figure out what! My husband loves testing out the menu!

5. I have been working on something NEW to sale over the Holidays (more trips to Hobby Lobby)! I will show pictures soon but not yet! :)

6. I have had an aching back, swollen feet, a hemorrhoid episode (pregnancy is wonderful), and my boobs have gotten way too big! (hopefully men do not read this blog!) My body hurts and it's only just begun! My doctor says it gets worse with each child. The thought of a 4th kind of makes me ill right now. :) Well shall see! But I don't want to complain too much! I love it! Ezekiel is moving around like crazy. He has been waking me up, he moves so much! Oh yes, the sleep! That has decreased quite a bit too! Last week my doctor told me that I am measuring three weeks ahead (I do this every single time and every single time I have a big baby that comes three to two weeks early!). So yes, I think I am already walking like a duck! UGH!

7. My son is addicted to puzzles right now so I have been doing LOTS of puzzles!!!! LOTS OF PUZZLES!

8. Oh and I have been working on a list of invites for my shower in November. My best friend called me this morning telling me she needs the list now. I did not even expect a shower for the third but I am happy to be getting one. Oh and she wants me to register for some stuff she knows I need. She wants me to register this week! Okay, so something else for me to do.

8. And I haven't blogged because I have nothing to really say. Can you tell? HA!

Okay, so don't let this list fool you. I no domestic goddess (many of my friends are! Ahem, COURTNEY!), I am just trying to wear many hats right now! :)


V. said...

Good! I don't feel so alone then..!

I've been a bad, bad blogger too.

That's OK though, when we get started up again, I'm sure we'll have plenty to say!

I love Fall too....one good thing about where we are in Canada...we get FOUR REAL SEASONS!


Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I sure understand. Real life comes first!

momteacherfriend said...

Fun stuff! Glad to know your alive.
Do you have stock in Hobby Lobby? (wink)

Wendy said...

Wow! You are definitely busy.
I'm with you on the shower games..I am not a fan. What a great picture of you! I love Hobby Lobby too. What's this about a business? I didn't know you did that. Having our hands full can be a great thing - when they are full of children, huh.

We should talk again soon.

Paula said...

I to want to know about this business? What?

You look beautiful!

Hey, why don't you send your kids here to play while you go shopping! I wish I was there to help ease your load. I would. I would do it in a heart beat.

Life full of blessings said...

Talk about hats :) Right there with you...isn't it great that GOD is our strength?? His "well" of grace and strength NEVER runs out...I need to refuel EVERY day!!!
Love IN HIM,
Liz, a fellow swollen feet prego mamma carrying her second son :)
(how fun is that?)

Kate said...

You look fabulous dahhhling! Busy busy busy - it makes the time fly by. Before you know it, you will be in that delivery room!

Amanda said...

Paula and Wendy, I posted a blog last December (I think) where I talked about Sugar and Spice but since I talk to both of you on the phone, I will explain! :)

Kate, oh how I love my Kate! You always make this mamma feel good!

Liz, not only are you having your 2nd son, you are having your FOURTH child! Now, YOU ARE A SUPER WOMAN! So is KATE! You two should meet!

Anonymous said...

Can you believe how many new babies are in the family...Hayden,Zeke,Adyson,Baden...I'm sure there are more that I don't know about...can't wait to see my present...Dancing was sooo good last night..Sara did awesome and I love Emmitt..!! Monique made me want to get up and jive! LOL!!!


Munchkin Land said...

I really, really wish that I had your energy and decorating sense right now. You're putting all other pregnant mamas to shame. =) Just kidding... It sounds as though life is busy but that you're handling it so well!!

Addie said...

Girl you look great, but I cannot fathom the prospect of baking my way through the final trimester of pregnancy! Yikes! You go girl!!!

Christy said...

Your picture is great! I finally got mine off to WM to get them developed! If you have the baby early this means mom will be here right ?!?!?

Karen said...

I seem to spend more time in Hobby Lobby than any other store! I guess you come by it naturally (that and your shoe thing!).

Well, I don't seem to be a great blogger. I do not have time to write much and lately I do not have time to even be inspired. What is up with that?

Sometimes we just need to be caught up in "life". It passes us by before we know it -- putting puzzle together with Josiah is the most important part of your day! Those are memories you both will treasure for a lifetime.

I love you

Barb said...

It's pretty easy to see why you haven't been writing a lot lately. You've been pretty busy!

I'll bet you find yourself taking all three kids shopping and places with you. I think we always just kind of fit one more into the plan.

You're such a cute pregnant gal. Love the photo.