Tuesday, April 11, 2006

173 degrees

What a beautiful Texas day this Tuesday has turned out to be! Despite my allergies, I decided to have lunch outside with the kiddos. They love eating outside and since it is so pretty out and feels so pleasant, I thought I would join them! These are the kind of days that all Texans should stop and breathe in deeply. Before you know it, the weather here will be miserable! The kids will only be able to play outside in the early morning and late, late afternoon because the temperature will be too hot to bare. Oh and who can forget the Ozone alert days when the weather men tell you to stay inside! So now is the time to cram every outdoor activity into your schedule because this amazing weather won't last, it just won't!

While sitting outside eating lunch with the kids, my Dad called and told me about something funny he had heard on the radio regarding the time and temperature man! There is a number you can call 817-844- then any four numbers and you will hear a man tell the time and temperature sponsored by Chase Bank. I knew about the number because when I was much younger and my little brother did something to irritate me, I would pretend like I was calling my Mom at work to tattle on him. I had many conversations with the time and temp man about Josh! It was great when I told him that Mom said he was grounded, he changed his tone real fast! Little did he know it was only the time and temp man! Anyway, my Dad said that when you call to find out the time and temp, the date and time given is correct but the temperature is wrong. Not only is it wrong, but it's insanely wrong! So, I thought I would call and give it a try. Sure enough, the date was correct, the time was exact but the temperature was way off. Current temperature given by the Chase Bank man? 173 degrees!

It's a struggle for me to not make little things into big things. Some of you can relate. I remember one time while I was working for a Christian Company, I had a really difficult co-worker in my life. This person said hateful things to me and quite often attacked the way I dressed, the way my hair was styled or cut, or just anything about me that they didn't like. This person was much, much older than me and so I found myself feeling very intimidated. One day I sat in my cubicle crying because I did not know how to handle this person. My boss walked out of his office and said, "Hey, don't let em' get to you. People are always going to try to tear you down, always. It does not matter for one second what that person thinks about you, this is a little thing in life." It was hard to take his advice. This person told lies about me, tried to get me into trouble and constantly talked bad about me. It wasn't all in my head, this person did not like me! So as this went on, my boss stopped by my desk one day and gave me a book called, "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff." And today I think about that book a lot. My boss was right, it doesn't matter for one second about the little things! So many times I let little things take control of my day. In my mind it becomes 173 degrees and dreadful but the reality is, it's only 80 degrees and beautiful!

Father, help me to live in your reality, not my own. Give me your vision, take away my blurry sight so that I may see the truth. I am desperate for you Lord and I need you every second of every single day. God, PLEASE use me to show others how to be free from those things that keep them so tied up. May I not be silent Lord but tell the WORLD what you have done for me! Remind me Lord when it's not really 173 degrees.


Kaufee said...

Well I have to say something...if someone was mean to you or didn't like you or made fun of you....it was because they were jealous. You are too beautiful, smart, cheerful, cute and everything else good. If someone is like that to you I want their number. People say stuff about Britney, Mariah, and whoever......they are jealous. They talked about Jesus too....they were jealous about Him too. So I say talk about me, make fun of me, call me names.....so there.

Amanda said...

Once again, there you are ready to take on anyone that may have hurt me! I am so blessed to have you on the front row! Anyway, it was back in my single days, millions of years ago! Thanks Kathy for being so protective! But, I don't need to let anyone get to me, it was a small thing.

Kaufee said...

the small stuff is small and it doesn't matter....no matter when it happened.

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

Ok, first off I have to say that your post prompted me to call the number...and it told me 161 degrees. Funny.

Second off, I understand your post. We blow things out of proportion. It does feel hurtful and horrible when we are the victims of hurtful behavior. I agree with kaufee though, even Jesus was persecuted.....

Christy said...

I cracked up! I used to pretend I was dialing and freak my brothers out! No joke! :0) God uses you in the simplest way... its amazing... Bless you my friend!

Karen said...

It's 6:51 AM, April 12, and it is 191 degrees. It's getting hotter in Texas!

I am 48 and a Fort Worth girl -- born at Harris Hospital Downtown. I have been calling time and temperature since I could "dial" a phone. Isn't that a hoot? I too used it to call and get my siblings in trouble. Being the baby meant I got picked on and it meant I did some of the picking myself.

You or Josh (or maybe both) used to say "time and tenchaber".

Why is it that we go way to far with our insecurities and fears. I think we all do from time to time. If we could only give it to God at the beginning the end would be so much better.

Blog started out fun and got serious but you brought it to a really good conclusion. And, sometimes things happen "in fun" and then get serious. Just a thought.

Great insight. I love you. Mom

Anonymous said...


God's Yellow Pages

Love Cara

Dionna Sanchez said...

Amanda -
Thank you for your comments on my blog. No one has ever told me that I challenge them before! I am in awe and humbled at your words.
You are a beautiful lady - and I can sense that God is stirring things in your heart. I pray that whatever it is He wants to say to you - and whatever direction He wants to take you in - that you will feel and know that; and be renewed. :)