Friday, April 14, 2006

Redeeming Love

Novels are not what I usually choose to read. I prefer books that will give me instruction in life. Parenting books are always nice or Christian books that teach me how to trust God more or how to be free from fear. That way I feel like I'm not wasting my time and I don't feel guilty for being wrapped up in a book. Well, actually I almost never finish a book. I have always admired those women that say how much they love to read. When I was in High School I loved reading. At times we had to read a book a week and I enjoyed that. But then I got busy with life, then kids and lost my joy for reading. I struggle so much with digging into God's word every single day and books would get in the way of that. So my books usually find a home on my night stand!

A few days ago I posted a blog about a few books that were put in my possession. My Mother told me that I would love reading Francine Rivers, a Christian Author. So I took her advice and found myself totally wrapped up in a book! As a stay at home Mom, my life at times is not always full of adult type things. But as I read The Scarlet Thread, I found myself counting the hours until nap time so I could read more. Then I would actually dream about the Characters. Sometimes during the day I would think about Sierra or Mary Kathryn and how they felt. Then all of the sudden, way too quickly, I finished the book. When I finished, I thought there was no way I would enjoy another book like I did that one. The Characters had my heart and I just wanted the book to keep going and going.

Then five days ago, I began a new book called Redeeming Love. This was another novel by Francine Rivers. I have never read a book where I felt like the character but in this one I did. My story is different but also much the same. Each chapter, God showed me something about myself. I felt like Angel was really Amanda! And if you read the book, you will see that she was Amanda. But, I won't give any more away. Last night at 12:30am, I finished the book. The last ten chapters were captivating and I cried and cried and cried with each page. My heart raced, tears flooded my eyes, and I found myself crying out on the inside to these characters. I wanted to will them into doing something or not doing something. It was just like the end of a movie when you are just wanting all the good stuff to happen and everyone live happily ever after. Redeeming Love has changed me. Only God knows how, but I know that this book has definitely changed my life. God also showed me through this book how Jeremy, my husband, has been my redeeming love. Actually, my precious Heavenly Father, sent Jeremy to me to show my just how much HE loves me.

My blog isn't turning into an Oprah's book club ladies, don't worry! Today the kids are going out of town with Jeremy's family so I'm starting Francine River's "Mark Of The Lion" trilogy. Reading her books gets me excited about picking up my Bible and reading it because I have learned so much from her writing. Her books are full of God's awesome and mighty Word and that's why her books are so anointed. So put down your InStyle, People or Lucky Magazine and read something that will change you!


Kaufee said...

I think there is a lesson there Mandi. God doesn't need for you to read all those books you think you need. He has already given those things to you so why should you read about them. God wants you to enjoy yourself and let yourself go on a pleasure journey instead of a "Mandi's not good enough and needs more" journey. Don't take it wrong but I believe the Holy Spirit led you to that book to let you know Mandi is important and needs nourishment in a whole new way. Mandi is all that God wants her to be today and that is pretty cool. I love you.

Amanda said...

So true Kathy, so true. God is showing me so many things right now about myself and this time it's good. He wasn't revealing things about me to make me feel bad before but now I feel like I am getting to the really good stuff. I am beginning to see, it's only a glimpse, but I am beginning to see MANDI. Mandi is the name the Lord uses to speak to me. But that's for a blog I am going to share soon so I will save it.

Christy said...

We are heading to Tulsa to catch our flight for tomorrow morning at 6:30 am.. we always go to Mardale's and I usally get Christian magaizines for our flights and such -- I will get the book tonight and read it while I am gone... pray God will speak to me thru it girl.. thanks for sharing... sounds like a great book. I am usually not one to read much but love Beth Moore and Stormie O'Martin both! :0)Have a great week, talk to you soon!

Amanda said...

Christy, I am so excited that you are going to read it. That way we can talk about it together. I will pray that God uses it to minister to you. I think it can minister to all women.

Cindy said...

Hey girl! After reading your blog a week or so ago about starting this book, I dug in my nightstand and found my Redeeming Love and started reading it. I was totally into it after the first chapter and managed to finish it in 3 days. I usually have the hardest time finishing books because I half heartedly read and always get busy. It felt wonderful to finally be so captivated by a story that I didn't want to stop. I hope the kids take lots of naps the next few weeks because you are going to love what you just started reading with the mark of the lion trilogy!

mighty minne said...

Okay Amanda you have tiggered my couriosity (did I spell that right?). Anyway right now I am reading Christmas Hope. I started it a few months ago but because I have been so busy I havent quite finsihed it. I love it! There are three book... Christmas Shoes, Christmas Blessing, and Christmas Hope. To sum it up its about how people cross paths and only realize later how they somewhere in their encounter they were touched by that person...How God works with people differently and how He takes them on a journey to build their character and to build their faith in Him. Its a story....though if you every read it you will know what I am talking about. I so much want to read the book you suggested but I havent had much time for anything and I have especially been putting off studying for my MT certification. Yuck! I so dont like to study! I have been asking God to help me make the time and to actually have the want to.. you know? Okay I am straying away from my thought. OH YEAH... I am so glad you making time to read.... I use to read alot and honestly its the reason I have glasses. Thanks for sharing you thoughts... have a Wonderful Easter!

Karen said...

I am so glad you are reading with me. I used to buy all my books in hardback hoping I could pass them along to you and we could have a family library. I gave many away thinking you would never be interested.

I love Francine Rivers and can't wait to REread Redeeming Love.

I love you

Kelly Ann said...

These books sound awesome!! Can I borrow them for a while?? :)

Love you!

Gwen said...

You sound like me with the reading! I have been feeling this desire to find a book that would capture me! Maybe I can find the ones you are reading. Thanks for sharing!