Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Go with it!

Growing up in Texas has proven how interesting the weather can be. My memories of Holidays, Spring Breaks, Summers, they all seem so schizophrenic due to the changing weather. I have lived in the Metroplex my entire life, almost thirty years and you would think that the weather would not bring shock to me anymore but it still does. When I was in 7th grade, it snowed in March on my Spring Break. When I was in High School, there was a particular Thanksgiving that we were iced in! There was another time in High School, that we had a Friday night football game fall on Halloween night, it was snowing, sleeting, the whole bit! Then, this past Christmas, it was in the 70's! The Summers here are so hot, so miserable, so sticky and humid that by July, I am craving the cool weather. Then AUGUST hits and I am overwhelmed with my hatred for Summer! And then September comes and for some dumb reason, all of the stores begin to put winter clothes out for you to buy! Texas isn't cold in September!!
We are still swimming and wearing our flip flops for Heaven's sake! October brings just a little bit of hope. That month will do one of two things, sometimes both. It's either still HOT or there's a surprise norther that's flown into town! I will never forget an October about ten years ago. I walked into a grocery store to get some money out of an ATM machine before going to a concert. As I walked into the store I could feel the wind picking up but the air was still warm. After getting my money I walked outside and it was freezing.
That evening, the weatherman said the norther hit within record time causing the cold air to hit within a couple of minutes.
In a couple of minutes, everything changed! Today's Weather?
Well, we are pretty much the same as Florida! Look at Tampa's forecast and it will match ours except they may be getting the rain we need. This January so far has been the warmest I have ever known. It's driving me crazy. I wish it would make up it's mind so I could find something appropriate to wear. My legs and arms are white as can be and my toes aren't ready to be seen. But, who cares! I'm gonna wear short sleeves, paint those toe nails and put on some flip flops!I'm gonna go with it!

A few weeks ago one of my closest friends thought they were being transferred from Texas to North Carolina only to find out that things changed and they are now being transferred to Indiana. Big change! Just days ago we talked about my family coming to their new home in the Summer for a vacation. North Carolina? Who wouldn't want to go their for a vacation! But a few days ago, I learned that we will be visiting Indiana instead. Nothing against Indiana, it's just not where we thought they were headed. But as I talked to my friend about their up and coming move, I realized she was ready to go when she said, "I'm going trust God and go with it. I know He is going to take us where He wants us and I have to trust that." My precious friend reminded me that there are so many times we don't understand the path we are on, but we have to go with it!

Life changes so quick. We are one road one minute and on another the next. Sometimes our original plans don't turn out how we thought they originally would. Circumstances change, plans change, people change and everything we knew to be our stable ground, goes out the window. I can think of so many times I have fought change in my life. But finally when I go with it, when I accept the change of plans, my frustration disappears. It's so much easier to let God take care of the road we are on instead of ourselves. We may never know why things changed so soon or why things didn't happen according to our plan. But one thing is for sure, His plan is so much better.
So, go with it!

Proverbs 3:5-6 (The Message)
Trust GOD from the bottom of your heart; don't try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for GOD'S voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; He's the one who will keep you on track.


Karen Pierce said...

My Music Pastor, Mark Carouthers, has always said, "Roll with it". We may have to change everything to fit what God has for us and for the congregation. We'll practice this but be ready to roll with it. That is so true. Back to your 7 1/2, needing an 8: how many times do we try to make God go with us instead of us going with God. His ways are not our ways. Thank goodness! Being able to "go with it" just means that we are under submission to the Holy Spirit. We are under subjection to the teachings of Jesus. It's all a process -- it doesn't happen overnight. Going with it WILLINGLY is always the issue, isn't it. Sometimes we go with it but it's a struggle the entire way. It's so much smoother when we let go and let God! Tonight is choir practice and I'm sure I will hear either Mark or Lori say, "Roll with it, Baby!" and we do because we are under leadership we can trust. What a blessing. We don't always know what God is doing but we always know GOD IS DOING IT!

Amanda said...

That's a great example Mom. I know when I was singing at FC, I sang with an awesome band and I can remember a few solos when I skipped to the next verse and thank GOD the band decided to GO WITH IT! Otherwise, the audience would have known that I forgot an enite section of the song. So true, so true! I like that example!

Sonya Terrell said...

change is something I struggle with(as if you couldn't tell from my blogs!) and I have a hard time "going with it". I know I don't have a choice, that God is in charge, but I still want to buck the system, do it my way! TRUST, an ever so important word in the Christian dictionary! I really need to learn the definition!

Melissa Womack said...

Hey Amanda, I'm from Nebraska, so I've lived with extreme and crazy weather all my life. I like that you give an analogy and a Bible verse. FYI--I've just recently been reading your post. I too attend FC and sing on occassion for choir and played piano at FC Alliance this Christmas.

Amanda said...

Hi Melissa! I feel so blessed to have you as a reader. Thank you. I don't go to FC anymore. I did for about four years when I was single. I am sure you are very talented to be playing for them. That's awesome!!

Christy said...

I just can't believe this... I just sat down and wrote for about an hour to my brother whom I was discussing "Gods plan, not our own".. "Change".... As I have mentioned my family has been going thru some things and I have requested prayer for over a week now. God just amazes me. Every time I get on your blog he speaks thru you about the exact things I have been facing! Amanda, thank you for being so obedient and committed to your blog each day! God is using you thru this blog! God bless you my friend!

jliddick said...

The weather here in Texas is crazy. Much like life. One day sunny, next day rainy then the sun manages to start peeking through the clouds within the next few days. Thank you Jesus for silver linings. And rays of hope. For something bad that happens something better seems to come from having gone THROUGH it. I have had an enteresting journey the past 3 years having my mother in law living with us. Alot of rain, clouds and stormy seas in my home. But somehow I managed to ride the waves. She ended up showing me things about myself that I needed to see and understand. We have gotten so close this past year and I will miss her as she moves to Nebraska to start a new life this weekend. God brought her here to teach me patience and to just Go with it! God knew what he was doing even when I couldn't imagine what I was suppossed to be learning from her being with us everyday for the past 3 years. I am remembering a song that got me through a lot of times when I was angry about the situation. It was like Jesus would sing it to me.. When you give, when you love and when you serve you do it unto me! Boy did that always humble me.

Karen Pierce also said...

Your blogs are amazing but I have to tell you. Part of my daily reading includes checking the comments. Some of these comments are really awesome. It is so neat how God speaks to us through you and we (your readers) are able to get even more because of where we are in our lives. For such a time as this . . .