Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Each night before my son Josiah goes to bed, he sits in Daddy's lap and reads the Bible. Until Christmas came around my husband would read to him passages from our Bible. Thankfully our request that we made known for a Toddler Bible was fulfilled and Great Grandma came through with one for Josiah's Christmas present. So now, Josiah is not only enjoying the stories but pictures to follow along. Even when we he was listening to stories out of our Bible without pictures, He still seemed to pick up on stuff. He would talk about Jonah and Jesus walking on water. It was amazing how he remembered God's word. It was Josiah's 3rd Birthday this past weekend and the little boy shocks me daily with what He is learning. Each night as I pray for His salvation, I receive so much hope as I listen to Him respond as His Daddy reads to him God's Word from his new Toddler Bible. Especially last night! As the boys were reading, Josiah shouts, "EVE, DO NOT EAT THE APPLES!" I couldn't help but laugh and be so proud at the same time. Jeremy was reading the book of Genesis to Josiah and when He turned the page there was a picture of Adam and Eve standing next to a tree with Apples. "NO! DO NOT EAT THE FRUIT MADAM AND EVE!" Yes, he says MADAM.
As I listened to little Josiah, I realized how powerful God's Word is.
It doesn't matter what age you are, it still speaks!

A few days ago I was asked, "What are you doing different Amanda? GOD'S WORD! That's it! Instead of trying to work on my marriage, instead of trying to be a better Mom, instead of trying to work my business to make it more successful, I did ONE thing. I got in the Word and all of those things began to change! God's Word did it!
It speaks!

As Christians, we struggle with so many things. Our marriages, our relationships, our parenting, our eating, our exercise, constantly weigh us down and we constantly work on trying to do better in all areas. We stress, we worry, we freak out over so many things in life. I have been guilty of picking up the phone time and time again to share my problems with a friend or family member only to realize that nothing can give me better direction and comfort than God's Word. No matter what I'm going through, no matter what is on my plate, God's Word speaks for all occasions in our life. If you are afraid, it's got a word for you (2 Timothy 1:7). If you are sick, it's got a word for you(Jeremiah 30:17). If you are confused it's got a word for you(Ephesians 3:12). If you are lonely, it's got a word for you(Isaiah 54:10). No matter what, IT SPEAKS!

The most amazing thing has happened since I have delved into His word. My entire life has come into order. Supernaturally, I have more time! Supernaturally, I get my house clean! Supernaturally, people don't get on my nerves as much as they normally would and I can promise you I don't get on their nerves as much either! Supernaturally, my husband becomes more desirable in every way! Supernaturally, my FEAR IS GONE! Hallelujah! Supernaturally, EVERYTHING lines up with one thing, HIS WORD. When it lines up, everything is better! Everything is in one accord! And folks that preaches! Do you think that people won't see a changed man/woman when you get in God's Holy Word? They will! It speaks!

You see my friend, the Word is living and breathing. It has a heartbeat and you can't help but to be changed by reading it.
I promise you, you will see change. Get in it and watch God change you! HIS WORD SPEAKS!


Karen Pierce said...

God's Word is truly a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. That comes from Psalm 119 which is the LONGEST chapter in the Bible. Almost every verse mentions the WORD in words such as ordinances, law, precepts, testimonies, commandments, judgements, etc. Read it and put a BOX around each word that represents God's WORD. Mandi, it truly is the Word of God that sustains us, but, more importantly, it's His Word that CHANGES us. We still have situations, trials, infirmaties -- that's life -- but His Word changes us and puts wisdom in us. Proverbs is all about wisdom and in Prov 3:8 it tells us that wisdom (which comes by the Word) shall be health to thy navel and marrow to thy bones. To me, the navel represents the cord of life that feeds an infant in the womb. Wow! That will preach! Prov 3:25 says we should not fear "sudden fear" -- wisdom that comes from being in the Word gives us confidence and will not let us slip. The Word is our Sword and we go into battle (which is daily) we cannot go in unarmed. Great blog. Josiah asked me to read the Bible to him the other day. I forgot to tell you. What a wonderful gift. Josiah will have a heart for God -- he already does. Be blessed today. I love you. Mom

Anonymous said...

This was really good. I really NEED to get into God's word more. I know God is moving and working in my life in so many ways right now - but I know this is an area I am very much lacking in.
This blog was inspirational to me and I hope I hold on to that inspiration and make / take that time to get into God's word.

On another note - I FINALLY have set myself up to receive emails when you post a new blog - :o))) now I won't have to check the site every half hour seeing if I missed anything - I will just get notified ;o)))

Have a great day,

Amanda said...

Mom, you are the one that has told me a million times, "GET IN THE WORD MANDI!" Thank you!

Nancy, lady you are going to be one heck of a counselor! I am sure you and Frank have learned like I have so much from "Pathways" but even more from Jesus. God's pathway, he so incredible and I love to hear what He is doing in your lives! DIVE IN!

mrsfish said...


Sonya Terrell said...

Good one, Amanda! I spend time in the word everyday, but it doesn't always penetrate my heart. someone wrote me an email reminding me about when I blogged about grace and that I said I read and re-read Galations till grace was part of my heart, so why couldn't I do the same with fear. Look up every scripture on fear and read it and re-read it till they become part of my heart and there is no room for fear. Easier said then done! I'm working on it though!!!! Love ya!

Amanda said...

Sonya, sometimes God allows us to fill a little bit of the sting for a while longer in order to keep us dependent on Him. I am certain of it!