Thursday, January 19, 2006


When I was a little girl, my Mom had the most incredible super power I had ever witnessed. I could look her straight in the eye tell her a lie without a blink, and she knew I was lying. She will tell you that I caught on very soon. I knew I could not get past her super ability to recognize a lie when she heard one. So, I was not big into lying.
In fact, I was the kind of child that always confessed. While in Junior High and High School, I hated this about myself. Many of my friends would sneak out at night but not me! I just couldn't do it, I knew I would get caught. So, I never bothered. Now my little brother on the other hand, I don't think that boy ever told the truth. One night he came home after missing curfew. I was so happy because I knew He was toast! Yes, I liked it when he got caught! He was the Baby and I hated that about Him. Anyway, he was late, missed curfew and came home to meet my parents at the door, very upset. His shirt was ripped to shreds, his face scratched up, and his countenance full of fear. "Mom, someone beat me up!" I couldn't believe it! I was mad! As much as I resented Him being the baby, I was ready to kick someone's tail for beating up my little brother!! I had never seen him so upset. I thought for sure He was safe, no way was He going to get grounded for being beat up by some punk kid. But then my Mom looked at Him and said, "Josh, you ripped your own shirt didn't you? You put those scratches on your face didn't you?" WHAT? What is my Mom talking about? Is she nuts? How could she think that about my little brother? Who would beat themselves up to keep from getting into trouble?! Then, I remembered her super power. She KNOWS when her kids are lying, she feels it. Well, I don't remember how that story played out exactly but just recently, my twenty-six year old baby brother, CONFESSED. He stuck to the story for many years, but my Mom knew the truth. She knew it was a lie, she just knew. Now I know that I am the smarter one because if I were Him I would have made curfew! After all, Mom always knows the TRUTH.

For some reason I have a hard time seeing the truth at times.
My mind goes before me and hears things, sees things and believes things that are not always TRUTH. Recently I believed that someone in my life was mad at me. I really believed that they didn't like me.
I had my reasons but I really had no proof, just feelings that I felt while this person was around. It began to take over my thought life.
I imagined conversations that I thought this person was having about me. In the shower, in my dreams, in my thoughts all through out the day, I battled with this thought. I just knew they were plotting against me! These thoughts overpowered me and I believed this was the TRUTH. So, naturally when I saw this person I became nervous. After all, they didn't like me! Or that's what I believed. After a while, after finally giving this over to the Lord, God revealed something to me. This whole time, I was believing a lie. The TRUTH was not that this person did not like me. The TRUTH? I believed a lie.

Okay Women! Here's the deal, we are not perfect. We all mess up! We all have bad days, time of the month, menopause, hormonal, freaky days! But do you realize that those days are the devil's favorite days? He loves it! Those days, he likes to play around in your thoughts and create scenarios for you to believe. Those scenarios are LIES! Men don't walk around saying, "He didn't talk to me today! What's his deal?" They also don't say, "Why did she just give me that dirty look?" And they sure as heck don't say, "I know He's talking about me. I know it!" So why do we? Why do we believe the lie? Hey, if you have hormonal days you can guarantee every other woman you meet does too.

A few months ago I was not in a great place, my countenance was drained and I was not a happy woman. It showed. I wasn't friendly, I wasn't approachable, I wasn't interested in you at all. We had left a situation where I believed no one liked me and while that is probably the case for some, it wasn't TRUTH. But, I made it the truth. And ladies if you think someone doesn't like you, you will start behaving like they don't like you and guess what? They aint' gonna like ya sister! Don't believe the lie, tap in to your supernatural powers through Jesus and see the TRUTH!

Today, the Holy Spirit revealed something awesome to me so I end my blovel (which by the way I love this word!) with this, it all starts with the thoughts in our heart. Make sure those thoughts are TRUTH. Ladies, PRAY that God will show you the TRUTH of every situation and your feelings usually don't reveal the TRUTH, but Jesus will.

Proverbs 19:14 May the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart be pleasing to you, O lord, my rock and my redeemer.


Sonya Terrell said...

I love you Amanda...that is the TRUTH. I love the woman you have become...that is the TRUTH. I love the words you write...that is the TRUTH. Though miles serperate us, I love the bond that we share...that is the TRUTH. I love the fact you are in my corner...that is the TRUTH. I count myself lucky to know you...that is the TRUTH. Need I go on.....?

Always hold these truths close to your heart.

Tina said...

Sometimes, it is strange how much you and I think a like! I usually spend my time walking around thinking, "they are mad at me" or "I know that I am going to say something that will make her mad". I have come to recognize that pattern of thinking and know that satan loves to use that against me. It takes my focus off God and puts it in many other places! I refuse to give satan that power! The Truth lies in me!

Christy said...

Or how about the one... "The two of them were whispering so I KNOW it was about ME"..... ha ha... the devil likes to deceive us in many ways.. he is a liar.. he can't tell the truth. The truth today is your awesome and I love your blogs!

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

you left a comment on my blog. I did get a chance to read over some of yours last night. Yeah! Another Josiah in the world. Mine is 4 months old, almost 5. He's cute as can be. I'm sure your Josiah is too!

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

(in regards to a comment left on my site) I felt the same way about you. I was reading your blog last night and thinking how similar we are in writing. Now, these blogs of mine that I've just started don't show it very much anymore but I have so many "devotions" or "life lessons" saved here on my computer .Very much like what you wrote. Where God showed me something in my day that I could relate to my spiritual life! How excited I am to find a freind like you! Online or not! Is it ok if I link your site from mine?

Amanda said...

Sonya, I'm speechless. Thank you.

Tina, you are the CHILDREN'S PASTOR, everyone loves you. They better or I will remind them of how blessed we are to have you.

Kristina, I would feel honored to have you link my site. Thank you.

Carrie said...

The truth is hard to face...but, you are right, often times as women we convince ourselves of a false truth if you will...we are our own worst enemy at times! I have learned that women all feel insecurities about relationships with other women, we just have to love on each other and obey the scripture that tells us to overlook insults (Prov 12:16).

I wonder if I will have that same radar your Mom had for, she was good!!!

Christy said...

Just dropping in to see if you've posted! Have a great day.