Monday, August 28, 2006

Feeling good about me

Many of you are asking, "How was Women of Faith?" Well, it was wonderful. While I was there, I kept asking the Lord to allow my spirit to soak up everything. I wanted to really "get" what I was supposed to "get". Yesterday was busy so I did not get a chance to think about all that the Lord showed me on Saturday. But today I have spent some time thinking and praying about the things these mighty women of God shared on Saturday. Today I am processing so much from the conference. Once I do, I will share with you some amazing things that took place.

For the past several weeks I have really been struggling with keeping my house clean, laundry, menu planning, etc. Now I would never want to sound like a domestic goddess because I am not! Some may think so but I would never look at myself in that fashion because most days I feel like I am wingin' it! How about you? But lately I have really struggled. A wonderful blogging friend, Keri, really encouraged me last week with this post on her blog. It's always nice to be able to reach out and grab something and claim it for yourself and her post was something I really felt and needed. So I took it in and really began to pray about order in my home. As I read Proverbs 31, I am sometimes overwhelmed. I have to remind myself that this is a story of one woman's lifetime. It's not a story about one day in her life, it's her life. She had a lifetime to be the Proverbs 31 woman. Does that make sense? And though I would truly like to model her life, it's very difficult. Some days are tougher than others. But then I have good days when everything flows smoothly in my house. I spend time in God's Word, the kids behave, we sit at the table to work on writing Josiah's name, I color with Ava Beth, the laundry is folded instead of on the couch for days and dinner is waiting on my husband when he gets home. My kids are in order, I am in order, my home is in order and this really makes my marriage in order. This is what I need as a stay at home mom and wife. When things are not running right, when things are in total disarray, our home suffers.

It's a horrible feeling. I hate feeling like my mind is on an untuned radio station! My mind is full of nothing but static! As I sat at Women of Faith on Saturday, I began to think about how much I needed to get things in order in my house. So when I got home, that's what I did! Today I feel so much better. The laundry is almost done. My pantry is full, my menu is planned out for the entire week (SO NO EATING OUT AMANDA!), my bathrooms are CLEAN, my closet is clean, the kid's rooms are clean, everyone is dressed and out of pajamas before 10am, I have spent time with the Lord and I even made a homemade chocolate cream pie! Even though it's not Fall, it looks fallish outside today and I felt like baking. Plus I need to get my tail in gear for this coming up soon! I even made a homemade pie crust (which is very easy by the way) and the only thing left to do is the meringue (another very easy thing to make). Jeremy will be very happy to come home and find one of his favorite deserts sitting on the table!

And you know what? All of this stuff makes me feel good about who I am! This is the kind of day that truly fulfills me. This is when I feel like I am truly doing what God has called me to do. Sometimes it's really hard. I struggle with staying consistent. But today as the kids slept and I baked, I prayed that God would help me in this area. I want to be the best at taking care of my family. I want Josiah, Ava Beth and Ezekiel to come home from college at Thanksgiving with a car load of friends and hear the words, "My mom makes the best pies!" Or "I can't wait to have Mom's Thanksgiving dinner!" or "Mom makes Christmas so special!" I want to start perfecting my legacy! I need HIS help every single day. I cannot do it without him. I love being the heart of my home but I need to get better at keeping it in order. When my home is in order, I can be who God created me to be. Today, that's what I am doing and it feels good.

Proverbs 31:10-31


cherduck said...

Your children are blessed to have a Mommy like you! Jeremy is a favored man to have you as his wife. I don't know many woman who prioritize their home the way you do. I hear alot of talk, but the actions don't always match, I'm guilty of that often, but you encourage me. It can be done!

Gwen said...

Way to go girl!!!!!!

V. said...

That was a great reminder of how our MOST important job as wives is to serve our husbands and our families.

We all get distracted with the things we THINK God wants us to be or do, when really, we already know the one job He has given us with our families.

Wendy said...

I want my house to be the way that you described yours today. I want my children to have the same feelings about coming home. I want my husband to come home to a peaceful home. But I want to do it all with a JOYFUL HEART and I don't want those things to become idols in my life. I want to please God in the things I do and He is teaching me that sometimes the things I think I should be doing aren't what He has planned for me that day. I love that you said you need His help everyday..this is SO true!

Dee said...

I have often spoken with my girlfriends about the very same thing. Some would say I put too much emphasis on the effort I put into being a wife and mommy..but I feel as if this is my calling for this season of my life. I want to be the best homemaker, wife and mommy I can be. I too have been guilty of reading P31 and feeling inadequate, but you are so right in saying that was a lifetime, not one day. We all need to be reminded of that very thing -- we are to work towards the goal; not achieve it in one day.

I encourage you and lift you up --- you are such an inspiring woman!! :)

On Fire For Him said...

Oh Amanda,
I so identify with this. I LOVE, LOVE the days that all is going well in my home. The days that the kids and I have a great time, and my home is warm and clean and cozy, and I have a great dinner with extras ready. I love those days. And I too always ask God to change me so that I will be a better mom and wife, etc. I am thankful that you were able to have one of those days today. What a blessing!

keri said...

that was sweet of you to mention my post. :) isn't it great to know that God is nothing like us. he is a God of order...nothing overwhelms him and nothing tires him. sounds like you had a successful day, i'm so happy for you. its amazing how a little bit of order and accomplishment can make us feel so much better. but i never feel like i'm done....i am always feeling like there is something to work on, etc. i think that is what overwhelms me. one day at a time, right!? thanks for your post.

Kelly Ann said...

I am SO glad you got to go to WOF this weekend!

I,too, would like to be the perfect domestic goddess 24/7! I am right there with you...taking it day by day, praying about what is a priority for that day. I desire a peaceful home, a home full of laughter! Your dreams for the future with your family touched my heart! I want that too! Good stuff today!

I love you!
Kelly Ann

P.S. - You would be SO proud of kitchen is TOTALLY clean, not even a HINT of clutter! Now THAT makes me feel good about ME!! :)

Paula said...

Oh, you make me smile. I to love days like this. I think I allow myself to put to much pressure on my self and then I feel like a failure. Which overflows into my day, Colton, chores, etc. I love what you said...A LIFETIME goal! That is it. Everyday is a new day. Heck, every hour and minute is new if we would just claim it. My goal is to pray each morning for a peaceful, calm and orderly day and live my day out with joy.

Tiffany said...

What did you think of Robin McGraw? I'm not really sure how I felt about it, but it seemed to be not so real and deep. It was neat to see Dr. Phil show up though and support her!

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I understand what you mean. I feel like being a wife and stay at home mom is what God has called me to be. I always feel like I need to be better. You are so right in talking about perfecting it now. Like the theme of my blog, i try to "live each moment to the fullest..." and if my life is not long...maybe it could still be said for my legacy that I was a Proverbs 31 woman, or that I am the person I stived to be.

Great job on your work. Do you think part of the energy was from nesting?

Sarah H. said...

Im so happy that you got to go to Woman of faith! what a blessing!!
and Josiah, Ava Beth and Ezekiel are so blessed to have God-chasing parents such as yourself and Jeremy!

Praise Him for your family.

Karen said...

I certainly can identify. My house and my life seem out of order right now. It is just a season we are going through. It too shall pass.

I love what you said about it being her "life" not just "a day in the life of". I beat myself up if I have a day that is less than virtuous. God doesn't -- I do.

You make me proud to be your mother.

I love you