Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Free day!

I have been looking forward to this day since Sunday. My Mother-in-law called Sunday evening and said that the kids could spend the night with her on Tuesday night. She also explained that she would pick them up around 10am. This meant I would have the whole day and night to do whatever I wanted. As much as I love my children, as much as I can't stand to be away from them, this was a day I have needed for a long time. So with Josiah and Ava Beth over at Grammy and Papa's until 9am tomorrow morning, I had the chance to do something for me. I talked on the phone to a close friend, then got ready and while doing so listened to a sermon online. Then I left the house, without buckling anyone into a car seat, and headed for Arby's. It was nice eating my cheddar and roast beef all by myself inside the restaurant. I didn't feel weird or lonely for even a second. I was relaxed. After eating I headed to Barnes and Noble, bought myself a Grande, Decaf, house blend and found the book I have been wanting to read. At first the book was hard to find so I ask a B&N employee if they could look up the author Rob Bell. As soon as I said Rob Bell, the employee looked at me and said, "We can't keep his book on the shelf. Everyone that comes to this section wants his book. But let me look and see if any have come in today." Well I was in luck, a shipment came in today. Here's the deal though. I ordered this book online over the weekend and paid only $8! BUT, it will not be here until next week due to standard shipping. I thought if I looked through the book today, I would wait until it came in the mail. Unfortunately for my wallet, I bought the book today and paid full price. As soon as I read the first two pages, I knew I would not be able to leave without that book underneath my arm. That's right, I paid full price for a book I will be receiving next week! It's that good! It's so good that B&N can't keep enough on their shelf. It seems that a lot of Christians out there are feeling how I am feeling. It's nice to know I am not alone. If you happen to read this post that I wrote the other day and you find yourself in a similar boat, Velvet Elvis is a good book to buy.

So there you have it! It's now 4pm and my husband will not be home until 7pm. I am making one of his favorite recipes tonight, homemade fettuccine alfredo and chicken, caesar salad, homemade caesar salad dressing and my own mozzarella/garlic bread. I just realized that I am out of fettuccine noodles. A lot of times I will have Jeremy stop on his way home or I will call and ask my dad to bring me something I need from the store but wait a minute! I don't have kids! I can leisurely, quickly, run up to the store and get what I need! Wow. I think I need a day like this at LEAST once a week. I think I will start dropping hints now to my mother-in-law! Oh did I mention I am pregnant with my THIRD!? Yes and I am thinking I will need TWO days a week when the third child is born at the beginning of the year! Don't be hatin' but my in-laws live two miles away. Yes, I am blessed. So blessed!

Okay so don't get tired of reading yet! This post is ending but I have a whole other one to write. When kids are with grandparents, I am quite capable of writing two posts in one day. So here I go! Stay tuned for another!


Paula said...

You're funny. Enjoy every minute! How I wish and long for parents or in-laws to keep Colton. My parents live 5 hours away and only visit 2 times a year. Chris' da can't keep Colton and his mom really don't want to. If I stop by she is happy, but to keep him....NO. She will even come to a well check up or sick call at the doctor's office and call that a "visit". Ha! Chris and I are on our own!!

Wendy said...

How nice! Enjoy your time together. How wonderful to be 2 miles away from inlaws. I will have to look into the book. Thanks!