Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Fashion Statement

When I think about the title of my mom's blog, I think about how well it fits her. Anyone that knows my mom, knows she does not leave the house without making a fashion statement. The woman is put together! She is one classy chic, that's for sure! Sometimes people give me a hard time for getting dolled up just to go to the grocery store. Isn't that what Texas women do? Well I don't know about it being a Texas thing or not, but it's how my Mom raised me. If I am wearing sandals, my toes better have polish on them and if my nails are polished too, they better match my feet! And when in doubt, accessorize! My mom is the accessory QUEEN! If I am in need of jewelry (which I was for my 30th birthday cruise), I know just where to go. She taught me how to shave my legs, put on my makeup, fix my hair, pose for pictures and be a lady. She taught me how much fun it is being a woman and I love that about her! It's 100% her fault that I have as many shoes that I do. My poppy/step-dad and my husband give us a really hard time about our shoes. And MiMi's closet is heaven on earth for my little Ava Beth. She's not even two yet and she loves to play in MiMi's closet. Actually, I love to play in her closet too! This weekend I am having a garage sale and most of it is my Mom's stuff (I get to keep the money because I got it out of her house). There are a TON of shoes. Also I have quite a pile of shoes and purses too that I am putting in the garage sale. All week I have been making piles of what I will sell. Ava Beth has gone crazy playing in shoes, sun glasses and purses. It's made me so thankful for how my mother has taught me to be a lady and now Ava Beth is learning to do the same! We come from a long line of shoe lovin', God fearin' women!

In honor of my Mom, I wanted to give her blog a plug and encourage you to take the time to read her latest post. Not only does she make a fashion statement with her clothes, shoes and accessories but she does it with her amazing knowledge of God's Word. She has taught me how much I have to rely on His word and rely on it DAILY. So please go on over to Fashion Statement and love on her like you love on me!


Wendy said...

I LOVE shoes too, but am what I would consider a plain jane! I love clothes and shopping, but have never been big into jewelry or very much make up. :) However, my daughter is very into jewelry and make up and clothes, which has been fun.

Off to read your mom's site now.

Karen said...

Thanks for the plug.

I think I'm coming to your garage sale Saturday -- I'm going to buy back some of my stuff.

James said you can put the piano in the garage sale but WE get the money. NOT!

luv u

Christy said...

How funny I too am doing a yard sale in a few weeks and gathering things from family to sell AND keep the money :)

Michelle said...

You know what? It's not that we have to "look good" or make a fashion statement, it's that we take PRIDE in ourselves and the way we look!! It's always better to go home knowing you looked nice when you ran into an OLD friend, than to go home thinking, "Man, if I'd at least brushed my hair!" :) haha!
Have a great day!

Dee said...

awesome post and what a great way to be able to speak of your mother! you are blessed! :) this is how i want my children to speak of me one day -- not that i am too dumb or naive to realize that they are not going to have problems with one thing or another that i did (or didn't do). but in the end - they will speak highly of me and know that I was a Godly woman - that is my hearts desire.