Monday, November 21, 2005

Betty Sue & Barbara Jean

Almost four months ago, we moved forty miles away. The house we sold, I will always cherish. We lived across the street from my best friend! We built across the street from each other on purpose and it was so much fun. There were times I could be sitting on the toilet, realize we were out of toilet paper, call Rebecca to borrow a roll and have it within thirty seconds! She would run it across the street and Jeremy would meet her at the door. Voila! I have toilet paper! Sometimes I would try on an outfit to see if it looked good. If I was not sure, I would call Rebecca and asked her to walk outside and I would do the same. "Does this look okay?" And it seemed that our families always shared ketchup! Every time we needed ketchup, we called to borrow from the Taylor's. Then when they needed it, they called us to borrow their ketchup back! Not only did we share anything and everything with each other but we shared something even better, laughter! Lots of laughter!! I remember one night we had a laser light and we sat in our front window pointing it into their living room. Still I crack up thinking about Greg, her husband and Daniel, her son getting up to watch that light! Oh and one night the guys were having a bible study at her sister's house who also lived on our street, and we heard it getting heated. So we sneaked up and listened through the window! I was laughing so hard, I almost peed my pants. Trips to Wal Mart, to Sonic or to Little Elm's small town grocery store (KEYS, yuck!), it was so much fun! Oh and let's not forget Childbirth and Doctor Neal! Betty Sue and Barbara Jean they called us. I miss Betty Sue right now more than ever! Tomorrow I will be baking my butt of for the Holidays and I won't have Betty Sue to take a break with. I am just now realizing as the holidays are here how much my heart misses her.

I am so thankful to have you for my best friend. You have loved me like no friend ever has. I miss not being able to look out the window to see if you're there. I know my life seems like I have moved on but I think of you every single day. Josiah misses his Aunt Rae Rae! Sooooo,who will get their Christmas lights up first this year? I'm still gonna try to beat you Betty Sue! I bet I can nag my husband to get it done more than you can! WOW, we were so blessed to have each other directly across the street. I love you so much Betty Sue (Rebecca)!

Barbara Jean
" Song Long U Tong!!

P.S. I really miss our Christmas singing in the car. No one can harmonize like us! We are queens of lounge singing and we sound GOOD!

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