Thursday, November 17, 2005

Just Like You!

Ava Beth


Yesterday many of my family members saw Ava Beth for the first time. "Ava Beth looks just like you!" Over and over again I heard those words. I also went to lunch with my Grandparents and I continued to hear throughout our meal how much we look alike. From our eyes to our lips, "Mandi, you looked just like that when you were a baby." Then last night we were surrounded by childhood friends of my mom and they got to see me for the first time. "Mandi, you look just like your mother." We all gathered together due to a death in the family. It's always sad to loose a loved one but always sweet to see those I miss so much. I was so proud to have my children with me and so proud to be beside my mother. It just made me realize what an amazing heritage I have that has been passed down from so many Godly women in my family. I pray that Ava Beth will always be so thankful for the women in her life. I know I am.

Mom you are beautiful and I am so proud to be your daughter!
I am happy to look "just like you"!


Stephanie said...

That's amazing, and you guys are all beautiful. Moms and daughters are such blessings!

Thanks for sharing this!

Julia said...

Your mum is beautiful, I thought maybe she was your big sister. And I love the baby photos one on top of the other, oh the little flowers and bows, so cute.

Gwen said...

Your family is beautiful!

Sheila said...

I really like this post. I've read it three times now. Your blog is neat - I'll be back to read more :)

MomToJandE said...

Beautiful family! I love your daughter's gorgeous eyes.