Tuesday, November 29, 2005

MiMi's Shoes

If you were to walk inside my closet and then inside my mom's closet, you may think we are a little weird. We have the same shoes, the same purses, the same velour jogging suits, the same shirts, the same jewelry, the same everything! What can I say? We shop together! She is a young mom too, so she dresses cool! Of course I am going to copy her! So because of this, it has become necessary for us to call each other to find out what the other is wearing. This keeps us from showing up at the same event wearing the same thing! Sometimes, it can't be helped! But come on, does anyone really notice how many things we have that are exactly alike? Well...yes.

Just this evening I was getting the kids ready to go out to dinner when my son walked up to me, looked at my shoes and said, "Mommy is wearing MiMi's shoes!!"

Oh how often I wish I could truly wear "MiMi's Shoes". To walk in her shoes would be such a gift. I have watched her walk through so much in her life. She has conquered things I have yet to conquer. She has walked through doors I have yet to find. She has closed doors I have been unable to close. She has experienced victory over things I struggle with every single day. She has walked with Jesus for so many years and I have seen her be transformed all because she was willing to take the steps. If only I could walk in her shoes and take the steps she has taken. Oh, but I will.

So, yes Josiah. I am wearing "MiMi's shoes" today.

Proverbs 31:28 Her children arise and call her blessed;
I love you Mom!


Anonymous said...

From "MiMi" You made me cry. Some of those doors I went through because YOU pushed me. Thank you. You are always cheering me on -- encouraging me to be more of who I am and stretching me to go where I am afraid to go. You are my biggest fan and you are my inspiration to put one foot in front of the other and just "step in". Yesterday, Josiah said to me as we were leaving my house, "Oh, MiMi has Mommy's purse". We should share rather than buying duplicates of everything. I know you are going to want my new boots! I am proud of you. I love you. Mom

Amanda said...

Yes, I want those boots sooooooo bad! I think I am going to go get them this weekend! I NEED THEM so I HAVE to get them!!!