Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Blood of Jesus! Come on Christians!

Wouldn't it be nice if Church was truly a safe place for ALL? I can't even begin to imagine what a true worship service would be like if it was filled with homosexuals, alcoholics, drug addicts, men who cheat on their wives, women who cheat on their husbands, men addicted to pornography or any other group of people with lifestyles that repulse! Can you see them? Can you imagine them flooding the alter crying out for Jesus to save them? Can you you see them crying out and lifting their hands in worship? Can you see them worshiping Jesus?

No, you can't! You are too busy hanging out with "Christians"!

Yesterday morning I found out that I live in a cul-de-sac where there are THREE homosexuals. That's right, three homes just a few yards away from me. My kids are growing up in a neighborhood that we love that also has homosexuals.

I hope they like pumpkin bread, because they will be getting some from my family for Thanksgiving. I hope they like Christmas cookies, because they will be getting some of those too. Who knows, maybe I will invite them over for dinner. Yes, they will see my George Bush bumper sticker on the back of my Expedition and think I am too hard core to give them the time of day but may they see the heart of Jesus in my family! For maybe I can prove them wrong. Maybe I can show them that I am more than a Christian! I am someone just like them saved by the blood of Jesus!

So come on Christians, what does the BLOOD of Jesus truly cover? Just your sin?


Kathy Allen said...

He loves us all just the same and we need to show His love to all. He used the worst sinners of all for mighty things all through the bible...what makes the "Christian" think they are so they think God loves them more??? I don't even like the word Christian much is taken in the name of Christ/Christians...Just because you profess to be one doesn't mean you are worthy to be called one. I have felt more compassion in my hurtfilled past from non-professed Christians than the ones who are always jumping around on sunday and leading the way to hell the rest of the week. I think God must be a little tired of it also. The Christian asking how are you this morning when they hope you will just say "fine"...then, the person who you know is a Christian without them boasting to be one are all prayed God will be blessed in that salutation. Sorry to go on..but I have had enough of a lot of things. We need to seek Him people, we need to find out how we can please Him. We were made for HIM and we need to share HIM. People are not searching for other people, they are searching for something to save them from where they are and to take them where they are going....His blood covers all of us if we aren't too picky about it.....Mandi, I say invite the neighbors over, make them whatever you got to make and let them feel and see Jesus in you and you will do more for them than words can ever tell.....I think we could all learn a thing or two today.

Amanda said...

Totally agree Kathy! Josiah says he loves his Aunt Kaufee!

Shelley said...

Great post.

kathy Allen said...

Aunt Kaufee loves Josiah.

Gwen said...


WOW! What a great post! You are truly the kind of Christian we need more of in our world!

I may take you up on that email thing soon. Still processing things. Thank you so much!