Monday, November 07, 2005


By now you know how much I love Christmas! The anticipation of the season is so exciting! When the first Christmas commercials begin to air (especially Target's commercials) it brings a smile to my face. Even tonight we saw a Christmas commercial on TV and Josiah, my almost three year old, screamed, "Christmas Tree Mommy!! I see a Christmas Tree!!" I guess it is the simple things of the season that excite me for what is to come. The week before Thanksgiving or the week of, you will begin to see Christmas tree lots. Grocery stores will make room in the parking lot inside of a tent or in a space near the doors. Some stores will clear out their garden area and fill that space with trees. Just the other day I was driving by a popular nursery and noticed they were clearing out an entire section of the store to make room for trees! Some that drive by would never notice but it made me excited about Christmas and the beautiful time of year it brings. So when you are out and about, pay attention and you will begin to see that many are making room for trees! Clearing out the old and bringing in the new!

Over the past six months it seems that God has been making room in our lives. How can new things come when old things are taking full occupancy? He has cleared out many things and made room for blessings in many different ways. Yesterday I spoke with a dear friend and listen to her talk about all that God was doing in her life. As I listened to her talk, I began to realize that God was clearing the way for great blessings to come her way. Often we do not understand what God is trying to do. The only thing we can do is follow His leading and have faith that He is going to bless our obedience. For me personally, this process is a painful one. Six months ago, we began that process and along the way my entire life changed. But I am amazed at what God has done. God has brought my family to a new land. Not only do we have a new physical address but we have a new spiritual address. So much change has brought so much growth. I know now that we never would have experienced these blessings without God making room for the blessings. We could not comprehend what the Lord was trying to do back in May of this year but thank God we followed! Our lives, our schedules, were filled with junk and it has been cleared out completely, totally! A new beginning, a new home, a new life. I am so grateful for the closeness I have with Jesus today. My home is beautiful, it is bigger, it is closer to family, it is closer to Jeremy's job. This home has brought me closer to Jesus, it truly has. If you walk into my home, you will see scriptures posted in various places. This home is living and breathing on God's precious word and our home is truly centered on Him. We have our ups and downs and things are not always perfect but our source is rich and our source is being used. No longer do I smell stagnation, I smell life. God made room!

Jake, Minnie, Jacob and Kale, thank you for praying over this home. Thank you for the seeds you planted. Not only did you take care of this home from the inside and out, not only did you invest money and time making it beautiful but God invested in you. You made room for Him! I know that my home is built on solid ground, your growth that you experienced, your relationship that formed with Christ while you were here, can be felt. Thank you Minnie for the scriptures that are all over my home. I can't help but to feel that you left this home because God was blessing you with a new chapter like he was for us. Now we have stepped into the blessings God gave you. God was making room for all of us! If it wasn't for this house, I never would have met you! You are precious Minnie and God is using you in a big way!


Minnie said...

You are such a sweet friend and I am so glad God put you in my life! I am also excited to see what God has in sore for you and your family in your new home / our old home. We have so many memories that took place under that roof. We experienced huge life change and we fell in love with Jesus there. I pray that many more blessings poor out on you all while you're there.

Love you MUCH!

Kathy Allen said...

Now this is the answer to the burden of prayer that God laid on my heart for your family. As I look back at the emails you sent me while this new home was taking place, He was then molding you for this "make room" excerpt....and you were fighting it, trying to do things on your own (you may or may not have realized that at the time). I told you that God wanted you in a place close to HIM, and HE answered my prayers that I prayed for you. God is so good and He is our source for everything. When that is understood and when we understand that He is our PORTION, our ALL and we were made for HIM-it answers all we need.

Stephanie said...

What an excited and uplifting post. A breath of fresh air. God can use anything under the sun to bring glory to Himself, including the internet and more specifically, blogs.

I love this post, it is really encouraging to me as I am "making room" in my life and clearing out the clutter that has taking up so much of my brain lately. I long for a closer walk with Jesus and keep saying I can't find the time for quiet time.

Thanks Amanda!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the inspiration that I am filled with everytime I hear or read your thoughts. You are so right, God cannot lay on me and my family the blessings he has in store for us if we aren't willing to get rid of the "clutter". I am excited about the new chapter my family is entering. Thank you for being a good friend to share it with.

Amanda said...

Kathy, you are absolutely right! I remember your prayers during that time and the emails you sent to me. Thank you for praying for me during that time. God used you in such a mighty way!

Kathy Allen said...

Mandi, God used you to help me see my clutter because the prayers for you were prayers that I needed...but did not know at the time. I adore you.