Thursday, November 03, 2005

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Every year around this time I do something a little crazy. Actually, it is normal for me but others would think it is a little much. My husband has finally gotten used to it but still thinks I am just a little bit over zealous. What is it you ask? Today, I will start listening to Christmas music!! Yes, I know that Thanksgiving has not come yet but in the Hayes home we start before Turkey day. On Thanksgiving Day, my home will already be decorated for Christmas. This year I am decorating on November 19th! I always like to get it done before Christmas so I can truly enjoy all the days leading up to Christmas with my beautiful tree and other decorations. Decorating this year will be extra special since we are in a new and bigger house than we were last year. That means more lights for the outside too! Oh and we have a full size tree too! Just the other day I asked Jeremy when we were going to get the lights put up on the house and he about fell over. Don't worry I don't turn them on until Thanksgiving! I am not that crazy! But, the whole anticipation and days of planning bring about so much joy in my life. The day I decorate my house for Christmas is truly my most favorite day of the year!

My heart longs for tradition and I love being the one to start new ones. Josiah, Ava Beth and any babies to come (yes, I want another baby!) will grow up hearing Mommy sing Christmas carols early in November, see Daddy putting lights on the house before anyone else on the street does and they will know what a special season Christmas is to our family. Josiah is already learning about some of the special things I have planned for him and he is excited. We decorated our fridge on one side with fall leaves and pumpkins that we made out of construction paper and he knows that we will decorate it for Christmas next. Ava Beth will learn in just a few years that her and I will always bake Christmas cookies and candy together for our neighbors every single year. These are the times that I adore being a Mom. I often hear people say that you should love what you do and I can honestly say that I love what I do. This is what I was made to do. Thank you Lord for making my dreams come true.

Less than EIGHT WEEKS until Christmas! That means that A Charlie Brown Christmas will be on in less than a month! I still don't have it on DVD but this year I will or I always have Tivo! Everyone knows how much I LOVE Charlie Brown. "Isn't there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?" Charlie Brown


Kathy Allen said...

How awesome.....another person like me. I started singing along with Frank, Bing, Nat King and Perry just yesterday. Went to the stores for the Christmas Decor....even bought some kitchen towels with Christmas trees. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. For those of you that may not know....that is Sinatra, Crosby, Cole and Como.

Julia said...

You absolutely have to get Ray Charles "the spirit of christmas" cd it's so much fun!
I thought I was the only one who does that, starts Christmas plans super early. I have tons of Christmas cds too.
I saw your comments on another blog, so came to have a peek, and like it very much.

Stephanie said...

How funny! You guys are all awesome! I love Christmas and was planning on pulling out my CD's this weekend. We always decorate Nov 18 (day after my hubby's birthday).

I love this season and it can't start early enough. I'm glad I'm not alone! Now I can tell my hubby and daughter I'M NOT CRAZY! Hooray!