Monday, November 14, 2005

Warm Delights

Slice and bake, just add water, pre-made pies or Hamburger Helper does not sit well with me. I don't mind eating one of your slice and bake cookies or tasting some of your Hamburger helper but I have a hard time using those simple fixings in my own kitchen! Call me crazy, but it's just a personal thing. Whether it's cookies or a frozen Lasagna, I just can't do it. I don't think bad of those that do, but for some reason I just can't bring myself to do it but this weekend, I gave it a try! I love to cook, I love to bake, I love to create in the kitchen. So if Jeremy, my husband, wants something sweet, I bake something. I have learned simple things to throw together to satisfy His sweet tooth. He brags a lot on my cooking so I feel if I use something pre-made, I am cheating him. Plus I love doing it so I just figure those easy deserts are for those that hate to be in the kitchen. But, I gave a quick fix desert a try and much to my surprise Jeremy liked it and so did I.

Betty Crocker has just come up with something new called, Warm Delights. I went by Target on Saturday night with a friend and when we walked in there was a display of this new product. My friend said, "Have you tried these? They are so easy and surprisingly so good!" The price was great so I thought, what the heck! Well, these darling little bowls of Molten Chocolate Cake were delicious! Warm, smooth, and yummy!! The only thing I had to do was add water!! Guess what? Jeremy was pleased too! So, these yummy treats are on my grocery list. I got to thinking about how easy it would be fore Jeremy to pop one of these in the microwave when I am not home or when I have not had time to bake him something sweet. It may not be something I spent an hour preparing in the kitchen but at least I have a back up plan when my schedule has gotten the best of me!

Last week was busy for me and this week will only be worse. There are many things on my calendar and I found out this morning that I have officially run out of the "Go Get 'em" mentality. I am tired, very tired. So, this morning I slept until the kids woke up. Usually I get up early and spend time reading God's word. It helps me prepare for the day and gets me on track in so many areas. But today, that did not happen. My day has been stressful, yucky and my my mind has been focusing on too many negative things. If only I would have gotten up when I should have and spent time praying and listening to God. Then I thought of something, Warm Delights.

No, I did not sit down and spend an hour reading and praying. No, I did not get my thoughts focused before going about my many tasks for the day. All day long I have been asking God to help me get back on track. As I was cutting out coupons from the Sunday paper, I found one for Warm Delights. It's quick, easy, delicious and affordable so I clipped the coupon for my next trip to the grocery store. When I am unable to spend time in the kitchen, I can always use this for a quick desert. I don't have to spend an hour every single time I need a desert craving satisfied.

Sitting down and focusing all of my attention on God this morning did not happen. But through out the day I have had Warm Delights with Him. From songs in the car, to praying as I pick up toys or fix lunch for the kids, He has been there. Most of the day I have been beating myself up for not getting up when I should have but I am so thankful that He is always there. He always makes time for me, even when I don't for him. There will be days that are smooth as silk followed by days like today and that is okay. I always have my Warm Delights and I don't have to feel guilty.

Thank you Lord for your sweet Holy Spirit that reminds me of how much I am loved. It is so refreshing to know that I don't have to be perfect. You are always there, waiting for me to come just as I am. Wow, I am overwhelmed by your grace. Thank you Jesus for loving me so much. Thank you for speaking to me in the most incredible yet simple ways.


kathy allen said...

My comment is my dear sweet Mandi. Sometimes we make things so hard-I can say a big amen to that. God has His way of sending us a warm delight in the midst of our busy world and it is more refreshing than the "what we thought was the real thing"....hard to explain in writing but I think you will get it.

Gwen said...

Amanda, lift my spirits. You have a gift for writing!

I am using your "warm delights" approach right now in my life. I'm in a waiting game to see what the outcome of a certain situation will be for my family. I'm so heavily having to rely on our Lord. When your not used to it it's not an easy thing to do. I have been a Christian all my life but suddenly realizing I have not releyed on him for all my needs and fears. I know this is vague and I'm sorry for that. I think maybe in a couple of weeks after the outcome I may feel more comfortable sharing. I just wanted you to know that I come here and it brings comfort to me.

Thank you!