Friday, November 18, 2005

Go Back

The next few days and nights, I will be busier than I have ever been. This business that I have created for myself is flourishing and growing like I never imagined. I am so busy that I cannot take on one more customer for the next week. This is only Thanksgiving so I am wondering how I will handle a Holiday like Christmas. One thing that keeps me going, one thing that keeps me energized late at night and in the early morning is the desire that God placed inside of me to do this. He is the one that birthed this whole idea! He is the one that showed me how I can be creative, have fun and still make a profit for my family. There have been many times this week when I have doubted, worried a little and wondered if I heard God right. But I go back to the beginning of this process when I KNEW this was what I was supposed to be doing. Not always do I hear God so clearly but I heard Him when I prayed about this business. Not in an audible voice, no. But, I heard Him very clearly and I have been learning throughout my entire Christian walk how to know when I am truly hearing from God. At times, it is a step of faith and one may not always know when to move forward, you just have to trust. Then there are those times when you know that you know that you know that God has spoken. I KNEW that Jeremy Hayes was going to be my husband. I knew that we were supposed to buy the house we are living in now. I knew to call a friend the other day because God brought her to my mind during prayer. Not everything is a jump out at you kind of thing. But a lot of times, it is! As I have been working late at night and getting up early in the morning to continue and taking care of my kids, the home and my husband, I have wondered "Am I doing the right thing?" Then, I hear God's voice . I hear what He told me the night he showed me what He wanted me to pursue. "Things will be tough. You will be tired. You will have days when you want to give up and quit. But, don't. The pay off will be much greater than you ever imagined and this business will bless many. Do not let feelings change your mind. Depend on Me for strength. Depend on Me every single day. When you doubt whether or not you heard from Me, go back to what you know is true."

I remember where I was, what I was doing, the time of day, everything! I remember when God spoke to me. So, I go back! When I am tired, when I am stressed, when I am overwhelmed, when I feel like giving up, I GO BACK to what He said. Some of you today are struggling in your marriage. Some of you have situations in life that are bringing about a spirit of defeat. You probably think it would be easier to give up and not finish. How will you ever experience the joy of a victory? How will you ever experience what Jesus has waiting for you at the end of the trial? Keep going, keep running, keep believing, keep relying on Him for strength. Go back to what you know to be true. Don't give up!!

(Someone needed this today! I had no idea what I was going to write about but somewhere maybe in the United States, maybe in China, I don't know where but someone needed this. I know I did!)


kathy allen said...

I needed it. Thanks.

jliddick said...

I have been talking with God a lot today about feeling overwhelmed and stressed with my kids. They seem to be fighting a lot lately and it gets under my skin. I end up yelling to stop it and then feel guilty for it. God is trying to teach me patience so I can in turn teach it to my children. I have felt it was hopeless to ever become patient but he tells me to keep trying! Think before you speak he is saying. Take time out to enjoy every little thing you are doing through out the day. I will not quit! I will try harder to be patient and listen to the lord. Thanks for the blog.

Amanda said...

Jen, i really try and pray about my kids relationship with each other a lot. Growing up, I dis not get along with my younger brother at all. So, I really pray that God will help me to nuture my children's relationships. I constantly tell Josiah that he is Ava Beth's protector and best friend. When parents die, siblings are all you have left. So, I am really trying to pray for a peaceful relationship between the two of them even now. It is already working!!!

Shelley said...

The person who needed the post was me. Thank you.