Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas Pajamas

Starting traditions with my children has been one of the greatest healing balms in my life. As I make memories with them, I somehow let go of bad ones that I have experienced. The home that my children are growing up in is far from anything like the home I was living in at their age. So God has given me the ability to be creative with my children by creating traditions with them that will last a lifetime. While doing so, a part of me is healed every single time.

I do it at Christmas with Pajamas! For Josiah's first Christmas, I decided that we would all have Christmas pajamas. For Mommy and Daddy it may be something as simple as a Christmas t-shirt and flannel pants. But, for Josiah it was a pajama set! I must say that the cutest baby ever is one in pajamas! So every year I go to Old Navy way in advance in order to get the first picking for Christmas pajamas. Apparently many moms have made Christmas Pajamas a high priority in the lives of their children because this year, the ones I wanted for Josiah were all out in his size! Even were out of the 4T size I needed! So the gracious customer service lady that I found to call through the website found me the pair and size I needed! The Lewisville store had twenty in a size 4T so they shipped me a pair UPS and they came this morning!! Now both of my babies have their Christmas Pj's!

Let the healing begin!


Anonymous said...

I love your babies most in pajamas. There is nothing sweeter than a baby in pajamas. I remember a pair that Kyle wore when he was Ava Beth's age. They were tan and came to his knees. He was so sweet. I remember Brooke in her little pink footed pajamas. They are 10 and 8 but I still remember them in their little pajamas. Josiah and Ava Beth are precious in the pajamas and there is just something about holding them in your arms when they are in their pajamas. If only Ava Beth would SLEEP in hers when she's at MiMi's! MOM

kathy allen said...

Josiah and Ava Beth would be precious in dirt and mud. I wish they would come to Hot Kaufee's house so I can smell them....they are so sweet and smell like angels.

Christy said...

Amanda, have you also heard the little tradition with the green pickle CHRISTmas ornament? It is an ornament you get (PIER 1 as them for sure) and mom and dad hide it on the tree and the kids get to look for it.. makes it interesting b/c the tree is green too. It is an old German tradition. Just heard of it this year! The one who finds it gets a little present.. of course with two little ones they'd have to each have one. Your kids are adorable. You seem like a great mommy too. God bless you!

desiree said...

Desiree Said
Your babies are the most precious things to see. You just can not help but smile when you see their beautiful little faces. You are a wonderful mother and your children will appreciate the memories you are passing along to them. Happy holidays.

Amanda said...

Thank you Desi! I can't wait to see you! I miss my little brother too but I am so glad He has you to take good care of him. Tell Mason, Aunt Mandi send her love!