Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Where's my tracking number?

Hats off to the wonderful UPS man in my life! He works his butt of delivering packages and when he comes to my door, I get excited! Yes, it's true. I am in love with the UPS man! He has dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin and a smile that would melt any woman answering the door to receive a package! But, watch out women! This UPS man is mine! As I say a million times a day to my kids, "No touch!" So those of you that don't know me, probably think I sound like a desperate housewife but I'm not. It's just the UPS man I am in love with happens to be my Husband!

So over the last few weeks I have been ordering stuff online from Gap, Old Navy and Shutterfly. All of the things I have purchased are being shipped UPS. I love getting my email from each company letting me know my package has been shipped. These emails hold a very important bit of information, the tracking number. Once I have my tracking number I can go to the UPS Tracking website and see the status of my package. It tells me the date and time it was picked up and the date and time it will be delivered. There is just comfort I find in receiving the tracking number. For I know my package is on it's way and I anxiously await!

How awesome would it be if the Lord emailed us a tracking number?! I think it would go something like this. "Father, I am really wanting to be pregnant. Please bless us with a child." (I use this example because I know of three people right now wanting to have a baby.
It's not me folks!) Moments later, once your prayer request has been placed, your inbox chimes with a new email.

From: God
To: my child
Cc: Jesus
Bc: Holy Spirit
Subject: Prayer to be pregnant

My precious child here is your tracking number for your request. It has been processed and your baby is on it's way. To check the progress of the arrival date, please keep checking this site, www.answerisonitsway and type in your tracking number.
Tracking # baby2006

Okay, so it may seem silly to use this analogy but someone will like it! Anyway, as I struggle with some of the same things over and over again, I think how awesome it would be if I knew when I would truly change. Some of my prayers are prayers that I have repeated over and over again. You may be praying to find a husband, to find a wife, to have a baby, to sell your home, to find a new job. Whatever it is, I know that God is working out every single detail right now to answer that prayer. It will happen! It may not be delivered by the UPS man but it is on it's way!

(Thank you Jeremy for being such a hard worker. You are the most stable and hard working person I have ever known. I am ready to have you back! But, I know that the Christmas season makes my UPS man very busy. After twelve years of it, I don't know how you keep going! I love you and you are the best looking UPS man I have ever seen!)


Anonymous said...

Ok - I cried! That does not happen often. I guess I have been dealing with a lot and your subject hit to the core; thank you for being obedient, God knows I needed to hear that. It is funny the ways he chooses to get our attention, and the people he uses to get His point across. Thank You for being a blessing. And until I get a tracking #, faith will have to do!

Kelly G.

Anonymous said...

Hey again -
I have to check your blog several times a day now b/c I know some days you post more than one ;o))
I used to be married to a UPS man too - well I am still married to him. Yep, Frank worked at UPS for like 5 years or so....He was working there when we got married and when we had our first baby. He kept waiting and waiting for a driving position to open up. At the time he worked at this hub in Arlington and it seemed like they NEVER had any driver turn over (apparently it was and is a good stable job) - so needless to say he eventually moved on. He loves his work now so I am happy for him.
However, I remember him in those days DREADING the Christmas season b/c it meant he had to be at work at 2AM sometimes to load that truck ;o)))
I would have not liked that either - not a morning person.
Ok - bye for today and I will look forward to tomorrows posting/s.


sonya said...

I cried too! I'm sitting here in my best friends house(my computer crashed)trying to get some work done and I get an email that you wrote a new blog. Oh,Amanda you can't begin to know how much I needed this. I have spent the last couple of hours in a funk, begging God to talk to me, tell me what I am to learn from this waiting that he has so expressed to me the last couple of weeks. Waiting is so hard, I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face as I type this comment, wondering where is my tracking number. God is growing me by having me wait and the growing pains are so painful. My prayer right now is for peace, peace that will see me through the wait until I get my tracking number.

On a positive note your blog did also make me smile. Can you imagine what we would do if we really got an email from God! :)

Amanda said...

I am so glad that I was obedient to the Holy Spirit because I thought you all may think it was a bit silly!

Anonymous said...

Ccol stuff, getting an email from God would rock my world! It is funny how you think things are silly and then they turn out to be so effective. God IS listening...His timing is just not ours and His ways are not our ways.

BTW, I am having fun reading your blogs, Kelly and Amanda, and reading all of our comments. It is very insightful and entertaining!

sonya said...

God talks to us in all kinds of ways Amanda. Never worry if you sound silly if it comes from the Holy Spirit, it just may be in the way a person needs to hear it.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Sonya, it's never silly if the Holy Spirit inspires it. The Bible teaches that God used the simple to confound the wise. What a great Word. I needed that today. I have something that I really need an answer on. I know that God will speak to me and I know His voice. Thank you for reminding me that God hears our cry. He ALWAYS answers in HIS time. I am reading a book about Aaron and Moses. They really heard the voice of God. How cool would that be? In our day and time, that's equal to "You've Got Mail". Good word -- thanks for being obedient. I love you. Mom

Jeremy Hayes said...

Babe, I'm glad that you are thinking about me during the day. Thank you for being an awesome wife. You really are more than rubies to me.

That's good isn't it babe? Aren't ya proud of me. Daddy wrote something.

Karen Pierce said...

OK, Jeremy, I am impressed. I told you when you married her that I sure hope you love me because she is a Mini Me. Well, she's really her own person, isn't she? I love you too, Jeremy Hayes. You and Randy Hicks are my favorite son inlaws. You are a blessing to me. You are a good husband to my daughter and you are a wonderful "DADDY". I love all 4 of you. Mom

Kathy Allen said...

i told you mandi that whatever is in your heart to write to write it because it is from GOD. Well, here it is....something from God.

Christy said...

Amanda, I have no idea who you are - never met you but I have been blogging for not even a month and I have been so blessed. I was just searching one day and found your blog.. every time I read it I am just blessed and I know it was God who led me here. I needed this today so badly. My husband I have been married for 7 wonderful years.. he is an evangelist and pastored a church for 5 years... we travel alot and he just began this work two years ago (in Jan). We want a child so bad... I am overweight and have a sugar problem so I have two negatives against me... I just keep believing God b/c I know if its meant to be nothing will stand in the way! He is the one who gives life! Please pray for me. I am so encouraged by your post today... just need to see a tracking number and rid the depression of this! Fear comes in at times and I couldn't stand the thought of never being a mom. Bless you - I hope you realize just how God is using you! Christy

Karen Pierce said...

Christy, I am Amanda's mom. I watched her grow up with dreams. Amanda had 3 dreams that I remember vividly. 3 dreams that stood out even when she was pursuing other interests. Amanda's 3 dreams: Ministry, Wife, Mother. Amanda's 3 dreams were her destiny. You see, God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. God gives in accordance with HIS Word. When you seek His face, you WILL see His HAND. You keep dreaming because your dreams are your vision. You are not praying for one thing that doesn't line up with the Word. Do everything you know to do. Diet and exercise are the key to sugar problems (my husband is a diabetic). The Word teaches us to be "fruitful" and to "multiply". Keep dreaming, Christy. Your dreams will become reality because God said He will be faithful to finish what He has started. You will get your tracking number -- My Mandi did! Now, she helps me find mine. Your tracking number is ALWAYS in the Word! Be blessed today and know that God WANTS to give you the desires of your heart especially when your desire is HIM. Merry Christmas Christy!

Amanda said...

Christy, I just want you to know that I am praying for you today. I am praying for God's touch and for your prayer to be answered! Thank you for taking the time to read my posts. I pray that I continue being His vessel. You sound like a beautful woman after God's heart. Keep chasing after Him!

Kathy Allen said...

Christy ...I have prayed for you today. I know this burden very well. Your body is God's vessel, His temple. What is a temple?? It is a place for God to dwell and minister...and it is also a place for us to be awake and prepared for His word-a place to RECEIVE His word. Prepare your temple to receive His word and His blessing. God has led you to the blog for a reason. Nothing with God is luck or by is for a purpose. God's purpose in your life is a promise...and He will give you the desires of your heart. If it is in you and you want it, He will give it to you. You need to thank Him for your child that may already be in line for you to receive. I don't know but all that I have ever asked God for, He has given it to me...I have just had to receive it. In the name of Jesus, the Lord of my life I ask you today to bless Christy in her desire for her health and her desire to have a child..God give her the desire of her heart and fulfull her purpose that you have promised her. Nothing is impossible with you God and I thank you now for answering my Prayer. Christy-you may have "negatives" but God can fix then with positives. Will be looking forward to a "praise report".