Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Trying for the perfect Christmas card!

Ava Beth wasn't smiling!
WHAT are they looking at?

"Josiah, be still!"

And then His eyes were closed!

Tonight was rough! I was so excited to bathe the kids, put them in their Christmas pajamas and take a cute picture for our Christmas card. All day I had thought about the perfect card and how I needed to wrap Christmas presents to put under the tree. A beautiful tree with presents and the kids in their adorable Christmas jammies, what a perfect Christmas card! Right? Okay so I did not get presents wrapped but no big deal. I got Josiah and Ava Beth in there cute pajamas and tried to get the perfect shot before Ava Beth tried to get away and before Josiah's almost three year old attention span gave in. Ava Beth wanted to grab the camera and Josiah kept saying "Okay Mommy, all done with pictures! Let's get some M&M's!" Oh Yes! I bribed him! "Josiah, please let me take some pictures. You hold Sissy and when we are done, you can have some M&M's." Needless to say, it was nuts around here! Some of you will be receiving a Christmas card from us and I think you will like it! Thank goodness the picture does not have a sound card or you would hear me saying, "Josiah sit down. Josiah hold Ava Beth. Josiah, STOP! UGH!!!" Needless to say, none of the pictures above made the card so I will have to wait to show you the one that did after I know everyone got their card in the mail. I can't spoil the surprise!

Another reminder that Christmas is not about pretty Christmas cards or wrapped gifts. It's about sharing the love of Jesus, remembering His birth and what He has done for all of us. May Josiah and Ava Beth know that it's truly about Jesus and not the pretty picture.

Thank you Lord for your sweet Holy Spirit that gently nudges me when I need to shift my focus. For I know that it is all about YOU and not ME!


Karen Pierce said...

Well, all of the pics look good to me -- they ALL look very natural. Did they get houseshoes too? You know MiMi is a houseshoe freak! I love you. Mom

Kathy allen said...

too precious for me. The love of Jesus is all over the angels.

jliddick said...

The kids are absolutely perfect.. You always dress your kids up and do their hair exactly the way I do my kids.. This year Christian is killin me wanting to grow his hair out.UGH!! I can't get it to look good. Enjoy it while you can because soon they will have a style all their own.. But you have given them a great start!

Jeff Dowdle said...

I feel your pain. We are making another run at taking the picture wednesday.c