Monday, December 19, 2005

One day at a time

Just the other day I was standing in the foyer at Church talking with my Dad. It was one of those conversations that He may never think of again but one for me that is forever in my mind and in my heart. I like to refer to these kinds of moments as "God Stops". Many of you have been a part of Beth Moore Bible Studies and read about her God Stop references. Well, the conversation that day with my Dad was a one of those kind of stops that I know God planned whether we knew it or not. As I have said before, the past six months have been challenging to say the least. I don't adjust well to change. In fact, when we moved I started going through some Christian counseling for some help and if I want my Insurance company to pay for my sessions, I had to be diagnosed! As soon as my sessions began I figured she may diagnose me with Anxiety this or Anxiety that. So one day when I got up to leave from my session with the cousnelor, she handed me a piece of paper to file with my insurance. In the diagnosis blank it said, ADJUSTMENT DISORDER. So my assumption about myself was right, I hate change!

So that day at Church as I talked to my Dad about all the change I was hating, he said something very simple to me. "Mandi, you have to take it one day at a time. Take it for what it is and nothing more. People will always be in and out of your life but you will always have your family." Many more things were said that have helped me in this particular season of change I am in but those three sentences above have come back to me over an over again.

Just yesterday we celebrated Ava Beth's one year birthday with a party! Last night as I looked at all of the pictures of the big day I could not believe how different our life has become in the past year. Not only have we had another baby but we have moved from the house we built when first got married, left our church and left our friends that had become our family. The pictures of AB's party are filled with friends and family but also with new people that we did not even know last year. Each person new has brought something to me that I didn't have before and each person that I have lost is still with me today. I so desperately want to hold on to the past and at times I long for the days back in Little Elm, Texas. But, each day God reminds me that I am in a new chapter and I need to accept it. Now we are closer to family not only in proximity but in our relationships. The friends I have in Little Elm, I miss but I know that it is impossible for it to be the same. I now have to nurture new relationships, take it one day at a time and take it for what it is and nothing more. People will always be in and out of my life but I will always have my family. So DAD, I am getting better at this so thank you for your words of wisdom. I am taking your advice and I feel some walls coming down. It's a little at a time but I feel it slowly happening.

To my friends old and new, thank you for helping shape who I am today. I don't know what tomorrow holds, so I am taking you for what you are today! To my family, thank you for always loving me and always forgiving me no matter what. I don't know what tomorrow holds but I know that your love will always be there.

With that said, my Sister is having a spinal tap done today and I am going with her and my brother-in-law to spend the day with them at the hospital. This is what family does and I am so glad I live close to all of you now. We sure need each other. God moving us back to the mid-cities was one I did not understand but I am beginning to. One thing I know for sure, I need my family!


Anonymous said...

Tell me about it - Try having God move you back to Louisiana after living in Frisco 4 years. The transition of having a big house all to ourselves to sharing a 1 room apartment until we find a house is not going to be fun! But with all that said, I know this is where God wants us and I know the transition will be a little easier knowing that my family is there. Thanks to your dad for reminding all of day at a time.

Kelly G

kathy allen said...

Mandi, God teaches us to pray the prayer "give us THIS DAY our DAILY bread" Your Dad is awesome!! Thanks for making me think. Great!

sonya said...

one of my biggest problems is always looking ahead. always wondering what about next week, next month, next year. Tell you Dad his words really hit home to me too. One day at a time, so hard for me.

"So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."
Matthew 6:34

My scripture for the new year.

Karen Pierce said...

I have always said James is a wise man. He can render me speechless with something so profound or crack me up with something funny. And, it's almost always in 5 words or less. My favorite Christmas present this year is my family and our relationship as a family. It's all "relative". See, we didn't get this way overnight -- our family is packaged a little different than some. See, we took it "one day at a time" and here we are. God is so faithful to do things He has already designed for a family. It only happens when the family allows it to happen. We are so blessed. And to James, this family is where we are because of you and your stability. Thank you for being a Godly man that nurtures us and leads us. We all love you. And to Mandi, thank you so much for being the Godly young woman you are and for always pulling the family in. I love you. Mom