Tuesday, December 13, 2005

One day changes everything

Once again I got up early this morning to have alone time, read and spend some time with the Lord. But, Josiah decided to get up early as well. He crawled up in my lap and said, "I'm Mommy's boy." Wow, those were great words to hear. Even after a day of tantrums, timeouts and spankings, he still thinks I am the greatest Mom in the world. One day like this changes everything!

My kids bless me more and more each day and they are the ones that make me love my job better and better! I would not trade this life for anything! Being a Mom is the greatest gift God could ever give me. Take all of the colic days, sick days, fit throwing days and grumpy days combined. Add one peaceful, well- behaved day and the rest are forgotten. One day changes everything!

It's amazing that we serve a God that feels the exact same way about us. He longs for us to sit in His lap and He longs to forget about all of our tantrums. One day with Him changes everything!


Stephanie said...

Awesome analogy! So true, the analogy and the story. I will take all the fits, yelling, sleepless nights, teething...for those times she runs as fast as she can into my arms and hugs me.

Kids are great. God is Great!

Amanda said...

That's it Stephanie! That is what it is all about! Running into the arms of Jesus and showing Him how much we love Him. He longs for those moments.

Anonymous said...

One day truly does change everything! It is amazing how God designed our brains..that one good memeory can take the place of tons of bad ones. Another great read!

Kelly G

Amanda said...

Wow! I liked how you put that Kelly G.!

Kathy Allen said...

It was better today cause he was thinking about spending the night with Kaufee.

Karen Pierce said...

God is so faithful. He is faithful to forgive. There are days I'm sure He is ashamed of us and our actions but then there are the days when He just LOVES us and says "You're my girl!"
I love you. Mom