Monday, December 12, 2005

Tis the Season to be Jolly!

Okay, I don't usually like to take up my blogging time to talk about child rearing but today was a day like I have never had in my entire life. No, really! My son, who will be three years old on January 7th, decided to take terrible twos into full swing today. I guess he figured, " I only have a few more weeks of this so I better sock it to my Mamma while I have the chance!" Now before I start this blog I must preface something. DO NOT COMMENT WITH ADVICE. Feel free to comment with condolences and amens but no advice, none! Do you understand? Okay! This is my blog and if I wanted advice I would go to a counselor and after today, I just might!

Josiah, who everyone says, "He is so cute. He is so smart. He is so funny" acted like a totally new person today. He spent the night with one set of grandparents on Friday night and another set last night so much to my mother's chagrin, this may have something to do with it. In fact, while loading the car this morning to go shopping with my Mom and the kids, Josiah decides to throw a rod like I have never seen before in my life. "Josiah, you will not go to MiMi's if this is how you are going to come home acting!" Well, as I spoke those words loudly (almost yelling) my mom got a yucky look on her face. I was not trying to hurt her feelings but I was mad! Then my Mom looks at me and says, "That's not very nice to say, Mandi. It's not my fault." Okay so I am sorry Mom but I have to come up with some reason my child is acting like one of those "other horrible acting kids"that you see in the grocery store! You know those kids that SCREAM and act like a little devil and you hear the moms counting, "Sally, I'm gonna count to three and if you don't quit crying, I will spank you! One. Two. Three. Sally, I'm counting. One. Two. Three." HA! Don't worry about it you CRAZY MOM in the grocery store, I will spank Sally for you!!! UGH! Yes, I am stupid enough to think, "My child better not ever do that or I will...". HA! Well, isn't it funny when your kid DOES act like that?!

So, my parenting has begun. Oh we have rules and we spank and we do timeout but today was a new beginning for discipline. YES, we spank! (Remember no advice!) James Dobson gave me permission so we spank with a spoon. Some don't agree with the spoon either but remember it's my blog and don't forget the rule I set at the beginning of this post. "What has happened to my child?", I thought as we ordered our food from Sonic. The nice lady that brought our food heard me say his name and she said, "What a nice name. Where did you get that?" Without hesitation I said, "It's from the Bible and he aint actin' like his name is from the Bible today!"

Well, I have been pretty darn blessed with incredible children. They sleep all through the night and did very early on. The both take three hour naps at the same time. My son says, "Yes mam, Yes sir, etc." He says thank you. He counts, he sings, he reads letters and numbers, he is amazing! However, today he began to show a new personality and today I began a whole new parenting world! I am frustrated. I am shocked. I am in full gear parenting mode and boy does this sister need some prayers. I have read the Baby Wise, Toddler Wise and now I need Pre-School Wise along with Tequila Wise! (That was a joke people!)

Oprah better show up at my door with a day at the spa real soon!

I have a friend that would have been laughing at me all day. She knows what this is like and she always made me laugh when I would get so frustrated. I thought of her many times today and our weekly shopping trips. Miles have seperated us, but memories are alive and in full swing today!


Karen Pierce said...

What can I say? I was with you today. I need advice whether you do or not. I saw a side of Josiah today that I never want to see again. He did not act like that until we walked through YOUR door. I must say, he didn't do one thing today that his Mommy hasn't done at one time or another in her life. Do you have any memory of the corny dog episode? Have you EVER eaten another corny dog? Does the thought of a 3 hour long corny dog eating/gagging episode ever cross your mind? You were older than he is now but you still had your tantrums. I have to say, I was very proud of you. You handled it very well. Your parenting skills are much better than mine. Also, he's had enough shopping with MiMi and Mommy to last him a lifetime. Let's give the poor kid a break. On the bright side, Ava Beth was precious today. She slept through lunch and ate her weight in M&M's at the grocery store (she was in MiMi's cart). If you will recall, Ava Beth and I went to other side of the store a few times. He's "mal-mos 3" as he says. That's what 3 years old do. You are in control. You are doing a great job. I love you. Mom

Jeff Dowdle said...

I empathize with both of you. We have a "almost 3 year old" and I know my wife can. This post from her blog is just a flavor of things in our household.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my! I knew it would hit you at some point...I understand, empathize, I get it...I live it every day. Now, add a younger brother on top of that fighting his way--all the way--to dominate the stubborn older brother...where is my girl?
Wasn't I supposed to have a girl who would sleep and eat M&M's quietly? Parenting of pre-schoolers...isn't it lovely? Will we be crying/weeping/sobbing on their first day of Kindergarten or will be throwing a party with all of our kindred spirit mothers?!

Tina said...

You know, I love posts like this! It makes me feel like a normal mother! There are most days where I want to rip my hair out, sell all my possessions and buy a one way trip to Jamaica! I love my girls with all my heart...however, when they get on one of their kicks where they fight and try to do any and everything to get on the one nerve I have left....oh boy, let the battle begin! You are not alone sister and that's all I can say! I don't know that advice is even needed because you discipline the way that the Bible says! And...all children come back from their grandparents house acting like different children! (Sorry Mimi...hehehe)I don't know why that is but it is soooo true! Ahhh...the terrible two's that last until they are 18 and then you kick them out....hahaha Just kidding. Well, about the kicking them out part. I do love kids and I know that our Heavenly Father is looking down with great amusement because how many times do we throw temper tantrums when life doesn't go our way? Our children are a little view of how we handle life's challanges that God gives us. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you throw trantrums, but I know I do!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda -
Well can I laugh with you at this - I was cracking up about the comment you made to the server at Sonic about his name.
I am so there with you! See I went through all this once with Chase and now we are going through it with Dawson.
Well - this made me laugh - not at you but WITH you b/c I can totally relate.

Kathy Allen said...

I will say that I have seen Amanda act like that when she came from Mimi's also. I think it is Mimi. It has nothing to do with his age or his thinking. In fact, I have acted like that after coming from Mimi's....and Jimmy acts like that cause he lives with Mimi.

Love you Mimi.