Friday, December 16, 2005


There are days when I feel like God is walking next to me all day long. I feel Him, I hear Him, I see Him. Other days, I feel like He is no where to be found. Obviously I know the He is always next to me, whether I feel it or not.

TODAY? I so need to feel it! I have deliveries to make today for my baking business, a party tonight, a party tomorrow night, a house to clean, cake and cupcakes to make and my daughter's one year birthday party on Sunday. And guess what? Both of my kids are sick!

Motherhood is one heck of a ride, I must say! Today, I will take it one step at a time. That's all I can do! Honestly, I want to lock myself in the bathroom and stay there for a while. But, stuff to do and kids to take care of. The parties, stuff, the business, all of it does not matter. So today I will get done what I have to get done and take care of my babies. That's what is most important. I hate missing out on stuff though! UGH!

Okay, off to be a nurturing Mommy!


Anonymous said...

Hang in there! It is amazing the supernatural strength God gives us to get it all done. You and the kids will be in my prayers. Remember to take deep breaths and that it is OK to ask for help, from God, friends, family...these people are His hand extended!

Kelly G.

Anonymous said...

You will get it all done, as you always do. Take it one hour at a time. Sit with the kids when you need to and work when you can. Let the house will be there tomorrow when you wake up...believe me, I have wished it away before and it just doesn't work!

Anonymous said...

That was me, again, forgot to sign...

sonya said...

Amanda, I will be praying for you to have an extra helping of energy and an extra helping of calmness the next couple of days. Just remember to exhale every few minutes.

jliddick said...

I can totally relate.. They should have a poster to relate to motherhood the way they do for the Army.. Motherhood the toughest job you'll ever love!
Amanda I wanna thank you again for the emails you wrote to me the other night. I feel the prayers being answered. I just wish as with shipping out packages a prayer could be Next Day Air!
Love ya.

Gina Camp said...

Yes, how I can relate as well. Madi woke up yesterday with a fever out of the blue! So you just get in bed with them and hold them and pray! All they want is Mommy!!
I hope your kids are better today. I will pray for them. They are precious, beautiful children and you are truly blessed.