Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Just checking

Hey gals! Thanks again for using my blog site as a source for your daily Bible reading. I am honored and blessed that the Lord would use me to help you in your walk. You help me as I help you STAY IN THE WORD.

I wanted to make sure you have all finished Ephesians. I should be posting Philippians 1 today but I want to start fresh tomorrow with Philippians. I have read chapter one but I want to read it again. The book of Philippians is awesome and I can't wait for us to study it together.

Please pray that this book will minister to us, correct us and teach us so much more about Jesus.

I love you all and you bless me more than you can imagine!


Philippians 1 tomorrow!


V. said...

If you had told me a few months ago that I'd be kept in the WORD by a BLOG, I wouldn't have known what that meant.

Thanks for doing what you do and keeping us all real!


Storms said...

I have read all of Eph.

Love you.

Kellie said...

Lets have fun in Philippians

Kellie said...

I will post here because I am dealing with funeral arrangments right now and do not know when I will get back.

Philippians 1 just spoke to me about being hurt within the body of CHRIST. I grew up in a wonderful church family. Not long after I got married the church got a new pastor. To put it short, many were hurt by this new leadership and left. This has scattered my church family all over the area. Some are now at the church I attend and that is nice, but I can see that they have been hurt and they really don't want to associate with me because I represent the past hurt. That hurts too. Not the point. What I saw here was that no matter how we have been treated by other CHRIST followers we are all still CHRIST followers. We are all on the same team. We all have the same goal. To spread the good news.

We may still feel hurt but GOD is bigger than the pain and the pain givers. As Rick Warren pointed out in the Purpose Driven Life, "It is not about our comfort." We are to die to self daily and then we will be working in harmony with the HOLY SPIRIT along with those who may have hurt us.

Wow I gotta stop. Too much emotion right now. Speaking with emotion is not always speaking truth. Sorry. Love you all.


Sarah H. said...

can't wait!! read all of ephesians! thanks for taking your time to do this.

God Bless