Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sharing your junk

Ladies, I just have to say that I am so proud of all of you that shared your sin. Think about it. How many people really live their life without wearing a mask or several masks? We all do it. The first step to freedom from things that hold us captive is to get rid of the pride! Pride keeps us from being honest. Pride is the ugliest sin of all, I believe.

You have shared things that we all go through. What a woman you are! I have learned that just about all of us struggle with yelling. We struggle with friends, gossip, husbands and many other things. I am learning that I have to surround myself with women that can admit their struggles. When getting to know someone I think it is important to look for red flags and the biggest and brightest red flag you may see is someone who thinks nothing is wrong with them or someone who blames all of their issues on someone else. You can't build a friendship on surface stuff. If you do, then you will not grow. And isn't that what we are in each other's lives for? Are we not there to help one another grow? Yes, we are.

Those of you that have shared your guts, you make me grow. Thank you. Thank you for being raw and allowing others to see that you are not perfect. God can use that!


Kellie said...

Chapter 5 is a great guidline for how we are to separate ourselves from the world. Not loving the world but setting our affection on things above. All of the things listed my at times seem like no big deal, but GOD is just trying to make it clear that in all things HE is to be first. Even in our parties, our TV watching, and our jobs (pursuing wealth). This is a great way to answer those who say, "Well the Bible never says anything about going to the movies or dancing being wrong." Here you go. The Bible says right here how to conduct yourselves. Just like in any job you take if you look in the employee handbook you will find a section about how you are to conduct yourself, because you reflect the company you work for. And if you look bad you make them look bad. Here is part of our handbook on how to conduct ourselves.

This is also a great resource for our children. We can point here and say tell them that we act a certain way so that people will see JESUS in us.

Amanda, I am still praying. I am serious about the vitamine that I took. If you want some I will buy it and send you one. Please let me know.

Amanda said...

I guess i forgot what vitamin you are talking about? Tell me about it again.

Anonymous said...

At whole foods there are these little candy things of Ginger. They are suppose to help with the nausea. Also, I saw some of these Prego Pops or something like that at motherhood Maternity, Check it out!

Amanda said...

Cara, remember my sweet cousin that this is the third baby. Prego pops don't work and I had so much ginger with Josiah that the thought of it makes me want to throw up. The nurse is supposed to call me back. I think we are going to do Vitamin B6 during the day and Phenagrin at night.

I would like some more orange powder and the candy bottle! :)

Kellie said...

When I was pregnant for my daughter I was sick for 16 weeks. Unable to eat anything. Hardly able to even keep water down. I was in the hospital for iv fluids to treat the dehydration. Nasty. on the day that I decided to take my liquid suppliment it all stoped and I was able to eat. With my son we didn't have the money for the suppliment so I was sick for 19 weeks. In twice for fluids and found that I am allergic to Phenergin. We are stocking up on the suppliment so that I have 4 bottles for the first four months. It is like $35-$40 for one bottle and you have to get it through this company who tries to get you to sell it. It is one of those work from home companies. But the product really worked for me.