Thursday, May 11, 2006

John 13

There are a quite a few churches out there that still have ceremonies of foot washing. I have never been a part of one but I have heard it is a powerful thing. Honestly when I think of washing someone's feet, I don't get excited. But as I read this chapter, I know that this was all about making the disciples clean. Our feet say everything about our walk. Where we walk says everything about where we are in our journey with Christ. We live in a filthy, disgusting world that will always carry us into sin. We have to be clean. We have to constantly be made new.

How does Jesus wash me today? For me, I know that I receive cleansing from His word. John 15:3 says Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you. I believe there is cleansing when we confess our sin and ask for forgiveness. We can't keep our day 100% free of sin. It's not possible. We need our feet washed daily.

How often do we walk around with stinky feet? We minister to others, we pray for others, we anoint others, we give counsel to others, all the while we have stinky feet. I pray that I can make a habit of making sure my feet are clean, daily! May my feet walk the walk so that I may talk the talk!

And then there is Judas. I would never go as far as to say that I have had a Judas in my life but I have had someone in my life that betrayed me. We all have had people betray us and even you and me have betrayed someone. But this one particular time, I really heard the voice of God regarding this person in my life. I knew the Lord had showed me in my spirit that this person was not going to be true to me. One day while I was spending time with this friend that I really liked, the Lord showed me that the relationship was only temporary and that I had to be very careful. After that day, I felt weird. I wasn't sure how to act or even if I should return her calls. Nothing was wrong, nothing had happened. But, it was deep down inside my gut and I couldn't shake it. I prayed and prayed about it. Long story, but what the Holy Spirit had revealed to me about this friend, was true. She never really was a friend. It wasn't anything I did either, she chose to reject me. Now she is nothing like Judas and I am for sure not even close to having the character of Jesus. But Judas chose to reject the Lord. He made that decision all on his own. God did not send Judas to Hell! Judas sent himself there! If you are a true friend, you will never sell your friend out! If you are a true child of God, you won't sell him out either!

Father, I pray that your spirit will control my life in everything I do. Thank you for washing my feet daily. I pray that my walk will glorify you. Help all of the women studying John to hear your voice today. I pray that you will wash their feet and make their walk a purpose driven WALK! Thank you for your word and the power within it to cleanse us! Thank you Jesus!


Karen said...

Your blog made me think of a time in my life when I was praying for a servant's heart. THEN, at a salon where I was working I was asked to fill in for someone and give a lady a pedicure. FEET?!?!?! I did it and the moment I took that lady's foot into my hand, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, "So you want a servant's heart?"

Taking care of someone's feet is the epidemy of "serving". I guess I'm going to have to blog about this myself. It changed my life.

I love you.
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Anonymous said...

My comments are on my blog about this chapter as I mentioned in my other comment.

Anonymous said...

I am caught up through chapter 12 now- I have not posted b/c I was behind after finals.
I will be back on track after tonight - I will read Chapters 13 & 14.
School is over this semester and I got all A's then I have been praying for benefits for my family and my husbands work is FINALLY getting ready to offer them - praise the Lord. Those are both big blessings!
On the other hand funds are really tight right now and that is hard.

I was really upset and worried this morning but realized I needed to pray and not worry - God always takes care of us - and I know He will now.

I was really convicted by the blog you posted about staying on track and wanted to apologize for not at least posting that I was reading the chapters.

Talk to you soon!

Christy said...

Our church is one who still does communion and footwashing... I have only taken part in the footwashing a few times b/c I felt the same way. God delt with me about humbling myself, being a servant and I participated in it this year. It was the most spiritual experience other than the day I was really saved and one other that I have ever had in fellowship with Jesus. I am going to write a blog about it soon!

Amanda said...

JOhn 14 tomorrow

Kellie said...

I read.

momteacherfriend said...

Footwashing! When you really humble yourself and take someone elses foot into your hands; it is a beautiful thing. God so speaks his love at that moment. There is such a gentleness and care for that person.

Our church does not have foot washing's but I have been a part of different ministries that have. I have both served and received. Awesome, awesome!