Monday, May 22, 2006

John 20

We don't always expect miracles, do we? We pray for them, we believe they can happen, but do we expect them?

Mary Magdalene did not expect the resurrection. Simon Peter and John did not expect the Resurrection. Mary Magdalene thought His body had been stolen. Simon Peter and John had to have thought Mary had lost her mind or went to the wrong tomb. How could He not be there? Even though Jesus told them many times that He would rise from the dead, they still didn't get it. Then when Mary sees Jesus, she does not recognize Him. Her unbelief distorted her vision. His body was a glorified body but I don't think she didn't recognize Him because of that. Instead, she didn't believe so there was no way she could recognize Him.

Do we live our lives like He is coming back? Do we believe it? As Bible believing people, of course we believe it. But, do we live every single day like He could come at any time?

Doubting Thomas represents so many of us. Many of us must see the proof before we will believe it. I remember when I first found out that I was pregnant with Josiah. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive but I didn't believe it. We had gotten pregnant on the first try! How could this happen so easily, so quickly? When I called the Doctor to make an appointment the nurse said something I will never forget, "If the test shows positive, you are pregnant. Believe it!" Well, I would not have my first appointment and sonogram until I was eight weeks so I had to wait about three weeks to see the Doctor. In my worry, fear and disbelief, I began to pray for morning sickness. Yes, I prayed for it! But I was so worried and so afraid that I would miscarry or that the test was lying that I prayed for symptoms. Well, let me tell you I was sick as a dog! The entire first trimester I would throw up probably eight to ten times a day. Thank the Lord I never got dehydrated! But even when I was throwing up in those weeks before the Doctor's appointment I was doubting. Why is it so hard to believe the good reports, the good results, the miracles in life? But Jesus says, Blessed are those that believe without seeing!

Lord, I pray that I will expect miracles in my life and in the life of others. Help me to believe when there are no flowers blooming! Help me to believe when it looks like no rain is in sight! And may I live my life like you are coming back TODAY!


momteacherfriend said...

I loved the picture of Peter and the other disciple running to the tomb. I imagined them bookin'it, all out sprints to see if what Mary had said was true. I loved thinking that Peter was a bit slower. That the first one to arrived merely looked in, but Peter had to completely understand so he went right in. Then the other joined him. THEY SAW AND THEY BELIEVED.

How many times do we really, really want to see Jesus moving in our lives? So we are full of expectation. Only to arrive at the miraculous encounter. Sometimes we hold back, merely peeking in. Then when someone of greater faith jumps in we then have the courage to join them. To see, recieve and believe the miracle of Christ.

V. said...

Good comment momteacherfriend...! I think most of us are like that - waiting for others 'of greater faith' to follow.

Oh how I pray for all of us to BE those of greater faith. Lord, let US be the trailblazers, the DOERS of the Word - fill us with BOLDNESS, fill us with POWER, and fill US with FAITH!!!


Christy said...

I've got my little miracle! Thank God for answering prayers~

mighty minne said...

I can say I do believe even without seeing Him. I sometimes wonder how he will look and how our paradise will look... I get excited! I just had this conversation with my mother believe it or not but I just got excited but I remember say its scary at the same time....I am scared I WILL BE ASKED WHY DID YOU DO THAT OR WHY DID YOU HANDLE IT THAT WAY....I am afaid of not being obedient enough and sometimes I think ...oop! I could have handled that better or something. No matter what thought I do believe and I do love God regardless.

Kellie said...

I am always amazed at how the tone changes from ch 19 to ch 20. Remember that I have a hard time reading ch 19. But each time I get ready to read this ch I am moved by the love here. It is the testimony to GOD'S love. HE keeps HIS promises. This weekend I was lead to a verse that helped me get through a tough day. Hebrews 10:23 Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)KJV. The first part of the verse is what I needed that day. But the part in parenthesis is great for today. HE is faithful that promised. LORD, YOU are faithful.

Sarah H. said...

wow Amanda... While I was reading the chapter I was just marvelling at the fact that Jesus overcame death.
What other God resurrected?

He came back to us and FOR us.
How awesome is THAT??

How beautiful to think.. He came back to Earth then he ascended to heaven to be with the Father, but he left us with the Holy Spirit so that He's ever present with us.

I'm forever amazed at God's GREATNESS and PERFECTION.

And that post spoke so loud to me. God told me something but it requires a miracle and I must admit I don't have enough faith. But God's building me up and my faith is growing. And prayerfully, soon I'll be able to give a testimony to all that MY God is a God of miracles.

Let us all pray for miracles, so that God will be glorified through us!

mommyofangels said...

Sometimes I think that if only I would move aside, God could do even greater things in my life. I seem to get in the way sometimes. I sometimes want to limit Him, or hurry Him up. Lord, we both know that we want to sell our house ASAP. But I have full confidence that you will find us the perfect buyer for our home and the perfect house for us to move to. I don't doubt it.