Saturday, May 27, 2006

Just some stuff I wanted to share!

(Many of you know that I have had a tough week. I decided after writing this to come back and post this picture. I really love my husband. I am so blessed to have Him. Things are not always perfect. We struggle with our relationship but this week you ladies showed me that I am not alone. Thank you! Marriage is a journey. Thank you Lord Jesus for the wonderful, Godly man you chose for me!)

For those of you that are reading "Go Eat Popcorn" with me, I will not post Galatians 3 on Monday since it is a Holiday. This will give us an extra day to read it again! Some of you post from work so I wanted to give you an extra day due to the holiday. So have a BBQ, go to the pool, enjoy the weather! I know some of you are in states that are still kind of cool, I already envy you. But you get the point, relax. Isn't that what long weekends are for?

It's hot! The Texas heat has arrived and it's not leaving us for at least four months! I have waited for this season for a while now. I couldn't wait to take the kids swimming. I couldn't wait to go out to the lake. We have already been swimming so much lately that Josiah now has his adorable Ken Barbie suntan! You know the kind where his butt is totally white and the rest of his body isn't? Josiah has his Dad's olive skin and I am so thankful for that. Ava Beth is getting a little tan too in her bikini! My kids are living proof that your body can be saturated from head to toe with sunblock and still somehow get tan!! So wear sunblock, even if you want a tan!

God is good, that's all I can say. He is so good. After I received the incredible Doctor's report that the Precancerous cells on my cervix were gone, we decided to wait on having another baby. Ava Beth's birthday is in December, Josiah's in January. So why not wait until the end of the Summer and try for a Spring baby. Apparently, the Lord saw differently! I am pregnant. I must say that I am in shock. I used to always make fun of those pregnant women that said, "We weren't trying. It was a total shock!" If you are not on birth control or not taking precautions, HOW can it be a shock? Well, I am now eating my words! So be praying for us and this little one growing inside. I think this pregnancy is so exiting to me for many reasons that I will share on another day. But on thing that is so cool is it was a surprise! We planned Josiah and Ava Beth, this time we did not. I think I am about five weeks. The doctor will see me at eight! I am thrilled but I do need your prayers! Remember I am helping a fellow mom this summer with two of her four kids. So on Tuesdays and Thursdays I will be babysitting two children plus my own! In both of my pregnancies I have been sick the first trimester. Throwing up galore! So I need good health, energy, and peace. Really I just need prayer for those HORMONES!

Jeremy found out this week that he has Degenerative Disc Disease. We are waiting the insurance company to approve but he will soon have a test run of a steroid shot. Please be praying for him. He is in a lot of pain right now. One of his legs is shorter than the other slightly. We did not know this until the MRI. It has happened because of the damage to the disc. Weird, I know. He is in good spirits and we had a great date last night. The Lord is really working in both of our lives. We can feel Him.

To all of you that read my blog and write the sweet comments that you do, thank you. Thank you for ministering to me. I never imagined this blog would change my life the way it has. You bless me!



Storms said...

Congrats again!! I'm so excited for you!

I'm praying for you and Jeremy both. It's great to hear that you two had a wonderful date night last night.

I'm so glad bc you sound so much better today. When I come back I'm definitely coming to see you!

I love you so much!!

BooMama said...

Congratulations! That is wonderful news - what a great surprise! Eph. 3:20 - that says it all.

Kellie said...

You sound so good. I am so glad. I guess that if you feel bad and you can blame it on hormones it can be a good thing. Now you have an answer, and I am sure that is a relief. Also, you must just be giddy over the answer. I will be praying about the summer for you. Heat, extra kids, and (morning) sickness. Aaaah. Both of my pregnencys I was really sick. 16 weeks with A1 and 19 with A2. I found that with A1 the day I started taking my liquid nutritional suppliment I was able to eat again and the sickness stopped. I didn't have the money for it with A2 and had to just wait it out. After 2 visits to the hospital with IV fluids. We finally came around. It was really bad.
I decided to put my foot down this time and make DH wait for me to be ready to have another one. I am getting in shape, (I go to Curves), and I have stock piled the nutritional suppliment. I hope I am ready.

Each person seems to have different issues with being sick. I will pray that you have an easy go of it.

Love you, Guess what You bless me too. You have no idea how much.

Christy said...

I am so happy for you! I have found those surprises are wonderful! I think we are about a week apart. I am due Jan 25.... I love ya girl! Jeremy and I pray for you and Jeremy!

mighty minne said...

You both will be continue to be in my prayers. Take it easy!

Sarah H. said...

I've said this before but..

I'm so happy for you!!

You are a blessing to all of us, there's no doubt about it!!!

Love In Christ!!

Kathy said...

I have been reading and you know I don't say anything unless I feel it. Isn't is grand that when the outside is sad, mean, ugly, rude, wrong etc that God can put something inside of us...something that is perfect and of Him and it is beautiful. He starts it then uses us to move it in place. How great thou art. I love you.

Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

I love the picture. Keep us posted on the insurance for the DDD. Hopefully it all works out.

Like I've been telling everyone we are back from our long week, and I'm finally back to blogging again. Great to see your posts again. Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend!

mommyofangels said...

How exciting. I will be praying for you during this pregnancy. I pray that you will not get morning sickness and that you will get lots of rest.

Gwen said...

Congratulations Amanda! I just read this so I'm a bit behind. I'm so happy for you and your family.