Friday, May 12, 2006

John 14

Today you may be surrounded by some who are confused, afraid, lonely, depressed or grief stricken. No matter what the feeling is, it's real. Our world is constantly searching for peace. Some choose to go out for the night and have a few drinks. Others choose to become involved in drugs. Hurting people search for something to come in and bring them peace, even if the peace is temporary. It may sound silly but I know that when I have had a hard day or I am depressed about something, buying a new pair of shoes or a new outfit always brings me peace. But, the peace only lasts for a little while. The peace that the world offers us is only for a moment, it will never last. The Peace that our Lord Jesus Christ gives is forever. It's a peace that come from within and it's deep, very deep. It's that peace that you find when you think you can take no more in life. It's that peace that comes when everything in your life seems hopeless. It's a peace that can't be shaken. That's the peace that Jesus gives. John 14:27"I am leaving you with a gift--peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give isn't like the peace the world gives. So don't be troubled or afraid." Ahh, peace of mind. Peace of heart! What can be better? Christ said it himself that the peace He gives us, is NOT what the world gives.

Many years ago when I worked in the professional world, I worked for a man that did not believe in God. Since I was single, this man's wife hired me a lot to baby-sit or house sit for them when they went out of town. They even took me along for a family vacation. One day I was passing by this man's office and he called out asking me to come to his office. For several months I had been witnessing to him and his wife. And I was bold too! It's kind of cool to think about now because I had some guts! When I stepped into his office, he said "What's the point in believing in God? I'm a happy guy." He had many questions and wanted to know why God would want to have a relationship with him. He even took a piece of paper and drew a scale. At one end of the scale was him and the other end was Jeffrey Dahmer. "So you are saying, BOTH of us can go to Heaven?" Of course my answer was yes as I explained that ALL can be forgiven. But something I told Him over and over again was the gift of peace that comes with salvation. "You think you are happy and maybe you are. But when your world is turned upside down, will you have peace?" After that day, we talked a lot more. I still spent time with his family and they even let me take their kids to church with me. Every time I had the change I would tell the kids about Jesus. One afternoon while driving to Saturday night church, the kids began to ask me about Jesus. All the things I had been sharing with them, all the Bible Stories I had read, was now tugging at their hearts. And that afternoon, those two precious kids asked Jesus to come into their life. As I drove I prayed a prayer with them I will never forget and Lord, I pray that they don't either.

I have lost contact with the family. The kids are now teenagers. But I pray that those two kids and their parents have experienced the peace that I have.

Peace, it's one of the best benefits!


Dionna Sanchez said...

Thanks for sharing your story, Amanda. For some reason, God has always used me as a seed planter instead of being able to actually say the prayer and lead others to the Lord. (Except for my kids). I yearn to be able to do what you did someday!

Anonymous said...

That was very good... Just wanted to let you know I read. Keep up the good work Amanda dont get discouraged.... i THANK YOU FOR YOUR POSTS!

Minnie said...

WOW! What a great story!!!

Anonymous said...


I have read John 14 – I read last night. I was taking a hot bath like I do every night to unwind and I was sitting there starting to worry again about money – we had about 400.00 dollars of unexpected / unbudgeted expenses this month – and it hurt. So any anyway – as I was sitting there I thinking about how I should not be worrying and I should be praying and giving it to God.

I had prayed earlier in the day but the thoughts kept creeping back in to my head - the worry thoughts.

Anyway – I had this overwhelming feeling that I NEEDED to get up right then dry off and go read! It was like someone was pushing me almost – I know that sounds funny but it was like I could not get out of my bath quick enough - so I went and sat in my closet – (this is my quite place) and opened up to John 14 and of course the first verse is “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust in me also.” So needless to say - I had this feeling of relief! It will be ok!

There is more to the story - but I gotta go get in the shower!

Thanks for doing this study – it has blessed me!

Nancy ;o))

Kellie said...

I read. Thank you for continuing this study.

Christy said...

Good post girl!

Karen said...

HIS peace truly does surpass anything my mind can comprehend. It is HIS peace that sustains me on days when I can't seem to find any even buying a new pair of shoes. You are right, "things" are so temporary, but HIS peace lasts forever and HIS peace sustains us.

luv u

Stephanie said...

Hey Amanda..

I hope you have a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Thanks for your beautiful writing and for sharing the insight that God has given you.

mommyofangels said...

Great story... Peace, definately is a plus. When I was pregnant with my first child, Isabel, I almost lost her at 14 weeks. As I drove myself to the hospital, I had peace that everything would be alright. I serve a mighty God, and no matter the outcome, I would accept his plan for me. He's my Daddy, and he only wants what is best for me.