Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"John Girls"

To all of my "John Girls", I just want to tell you what a blessing you are to me. You encourage me every single day with your comments. Our study has gotten smaller, but that's okay. The Lord has exactly the right people involved in this study right now. We finish the book of John next Tuesday. I am really praying right now about whether or not to start a study again when we are finished. I can't wait to hear from all of you at the end of this study about how the Lord has worked in your life. When we make the Lord Jesus Christ number one in our lives, we see mighty things happen. As I have read the book of John, I know that I have experienced power from the Holy Spirit. How about you? Are you living a powerful life? Reading John has reminded me that there is POWER IN THE WORD!

You are mighty women of God and I am blessed to call you my friends! Let's keep running towards the hem of His garment together!

Please send me an email letting me know your prayer requests, I need some specific updates on all of you.


mighty minne said...

Please email me if you decide to start another online bible study... (my blog will explain more detail) don't worry I intend to finish our John study.

Kelly said...

I have been reading just not posting.