Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Never doubt the power of prayer

Okay "John Girls", if you ever have wondered whether or not the Lord Jesus Christ hears your prayers, I am proof that HE DOES!

I wrote to you last week about the biopsy I was scheduled for but did not have to have. Well, they did scrape off a few cells and the nurse called to give me results. "The cells are totally normal. No precancer, nothing!"

Thank you Jesus for the healing in my body and for the power of prayer through this bible study. Satan has been defeated!


Gwen said...

Praise the Lord!

Karen said...

Satan is ALWAYS defeated when we take it to the Lord and LEAVE it there!

luv u

kathy said...

i hate to say i told you so....but....

Stephanie said...

Thank the Lord! I haven't commented much lately but I am reading and loving what you write!

It's really an encouragement.


momteacherfriend said...

So you believe in miracles? So with your belief, you recieved! Praise God!