Thursday, May 18, 2006

John 18

On September 11th, 2001, I woke up to a normal day in my life. I was a newlywed, excited about my new life and future as a wife. Jeremy kissed me goodbye and went to work, I did the same. At the time I was working at Cendant Mobility for USAA Movers Advantage. Many of you from the military are familiar with USAA. My job was to help relocate those in the military. That particular morning I was busy. I spoke with many military wives that were in Germany, France and on that day I spoke with a wife whose husband was being transferred to the Pentagon. My day started very early in the morning so before the attacks happened, I had been at work for almost two hours. Again, it was a normal day. My Supervisor's boss, was a retired Colonel from the Army. Suddenly I saw the colonel rush to the break room where a TV was. Then a co-worker of mine walked up and said, "Did you hear what happened to the world trade center? A plane crashed into it!" Instantly I thought of the Dallas World Trade Center, I had NO idea what was happening. And then it all began. Remember my job was to help in the process of re-locating Military families? Those were the only people I dealt with. The phones quit ringing, the emails stopped coming, the office was completely dead. At one point there was a plane that was rumored to be coming for Dallas. As a new Bride I instantly thought of my husband who worked in Dallas. It was a day of panic, a day of grief, a day of shock. Although I was not directly effected by the 911 attacks, it is a day I will never forget. Anytime there is a show on TV about that day, any movie that is made, any kind of documentary, I watch it. I feel it is my duty as an American to never forget. We have all gone on with our lives, but some are still in deep pain. When I do watch something on television regarding the day on 911, everything in me wishes we could have stopped those planes. After the first one, we had no idea what was to come. But watching it all over again, gives me such a helpless feeling deep inside. Watching it then, we never knew what was to come. We had no idea how many more planes would crash. We did not know how it would end. Every single time I watch it, I keep wanting the story to change. But, I know how it ends.

When I saw the Passion of the Christ, I went with a large group of people. We bought our tickets in advance so we could see it the day it opened. I remember standing in line as I waited for the doors to open. No one had popcorn, candy or pickles. Only a few had drinks. As Christians we were prepared for a serious movie. We had been warned that the movie would be graphic. Walking into the Theatre, many showed reverence by remaining quiet. The lights went out, the movie began and no one talked. The media had prepared me for the graphic nature but nothing could prepare me for what I felt. In the movie, we see Jesus as a little boy. We see him fall down and His mother Mary run to His side. I was a new mother so it was then I looked at Mary as a real "Mommy". Then I remember the moment that Peter denied Him when asked if he was one of Jesus disciples. "No, I am not." I have read at least a hundred times about Peter denying Jesus but when I saw it, that's when the tears began. Then the second time he denied him and before the third time I was wanting to scream out at Peter, "DON'T DO IT PETER. HE LOVES YOU." But, I knew. I knew it would happen. I knew how it would end.

In just a few days this study on John will end. But, may we never forget how Jesus was denied, rejected, accused and sentenced to death. Once a year, I think it is important to watch The Passion of the Christ. As you watch, you will wish the story could change. You will find yourself not wanting Jesus to be nailed to the cross. But without the CROSS, we would be bound to live the rest of our lives in Hell. May we never forget.


Kellie said...

I am a truth seeker. I hear something (or get it via e-mail) and then I look it up. There have been so many things in my life that I found were not truth only because I saught truth. I love that JESUS said, v37 "...for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everone on the side of truth listens to me." Well, I guess that answers why I like to listen to HIM then.

mighty minne said...

I read.... its funny but I kept reading where Peter denied him and at first I read it to make sure I read correctly then I read again just to make sure then third I realized he did. Why ? Was my question? Is it because it was God's plan to start a change of events that were destined to happen? I though to myself for a moment... I say I dont think I deny God but have I? I mean with everyday little things... do I thank him enough... The question is WOULD I DIE FOR HIM?? I always tell my children that I would die for them if I had to but I have never asked myself would I suffer for Jesus... Weird don'tcha think??

Amanda said...

Veronica, this is what we should ALL be asking ourselves. I do believe that we are all guilty of denying Jesus by our lifestyle choices.

mommyofangels said...

I agree. It sad, when we do deny him with our lifestyle choices, or the words we speak.
Lord, I pray that I will not compromise your word. I pray that you will point out to me the areas that I need to change that are denying you.